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Derived from the seeds, jojoba is actually classified as a liquid wax, which adds another option to your carrier oil choices. Jojoba has an excellent shelf life, which is perfect for storing until you need it for small dilution preparations. It has been studied for anti-inflammatory properties, wound healing ability, and efficacy in face-mask treatments for acne. Choose these when: Skin is dry or inflamed; nutrients are lacking; versatility and ease of use are desired.

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Good for most DIY projects. It can even be part of a skin conditioning lotion bar! Choose this when: Whenever you need additional support for your skin or add this into healing skin serum. Easy to remember thanks to kitchen staples, these oils typically come from the seeds of their respective fruits, as is the case with the other carrier oils.

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These choices are as affordable and accessible as they are versatile. Apricot Oil — Available as expeller pressed, refined, or cold pressed, the difference is simply texture and preference. It is edible as well as beneficial topically. Avocado Oil — Avocado as a fruit is one of the best sources of fat and nutrients and dip!

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The oil itself, as you might imagine, is an emollient, taken from the smooth flesh around the pit. An exception to the typical seed-derived oil, avocado oil is rich in nutrients and excellent at penetrating the skin. In another animal trial, this one occurring in , avocado oil was also found to have good wound healing ability. Grape Seed Oil — Also a culinary oil, grape seed oil topically is used for its light texture and lack of residue.

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Once on and in the skin, grape seed is another oil verified for its contributions in wound care and healing. Choose these when: Creating a massage oil; looking for deep hydration; creating chapsticks and balms. Borage Oil — Taken from the seeds of a flowering perennial herb, borage oil is a potent source of omega-6 essential fatty acids.

While we usually take omega-3 to counter the unhealthy balance of essential fatty acids that our diet affords, borage oil as a natural source is a different story. Omega-6, at its root, is actually as anti-inflammatory as omega-3, which likely aids in the topical benefits of borage oil. Borage oil has been used for dermatitis and other anti-inflammatory preparations.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose Oil — Named for the flowers that open only in the evenings, evening primrose oil is a more delicate oil that must be cold pressed, refrigerated, and should not be added to any heat preparations. Typically, evening primrose is consumed in supplement or culinary form, and of those uses it is highly researched and evaluated for its benefits as a source of essential fatty acids.

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  7. For topical use, results seem to be similar to that of borage: anti-inflammatory effects that relieve flare ups such as dermatitis. Be cautious with long-term culinary ingestion without professional guidance. For simple dilution purposes, start with small amounts of your carrier oil and work up as you become comfortable and have sanitary ways of storing your blend. Delivery on time in good condition - product will packaged and of excellent quality- looking forward to buying more.

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