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The drone aircraft response and handling qualities are therefore exactly like those of this aircraft before droning. The primary difference is the replacement of pilot with a set of mechanical actuators. The drone aircraft response is recorded on a video camera mounted at eye level in the cockpit of the air vehicle. The video camera is focused on essentially aircraft attitude and performance instruments. These aircraft attitude and performance instruments not shown , as in normal aircraft operations, indicate aircraft performance.

The video images of the aircraft attitude and performance information is then captured and the corresponding signals are telemetered to the ground station rather than digital telemetered readings from the instruments themselves.

Wright brothers patent war - Wikipedia

The above mentioned video images are transmitted to the ground station via standard video telemetry techniques. The present invention relates to a Drone Control System, and more particularly, a method to remotely pilot an air vehicle. A drone is a pilotless aircraft operated by remote control. Drones are used in many military applications as aerial targets and for other purposes such as reconnaissance when ground mobility is low. The Drone Control System of the present invention is essentially comprised of a ground station and an air vehicle. The air vehicle in the disclosed Drone Control System is an operable aircraft.

The ground station in the present inventions includes a replicated cockpit of the operable aircraft with the identical controls as are found on the operable aircraft. The only difference is the replacement of the pilot with a set of mechanical actuators. Altitude and performance information of the aircraft will be telemetered using a video link, rather than telemetered readings from the instrument themselves.

Odd Ducks, Vol. II: Unusual and Unique Aircraft from the Movietone Collection

The mobile camera device, comprising a processor and a camera, is located within the vehicle or attached to the vehicle for taking an image or video within or outside the vehicle. The transmitter or transmitting transceiver is in communication with the mobile camera device for transmitting the image or the video taken by the mobile camera device. There have been no generic drone conversion kits that could be simply used on multiple types of aircraft.

Likewise, once an aircraft has been converted to a drone using conventional methods, it is impractical and cost prohibitive to convert the drone back to an operable aircraft due to the fact that the modifications were so extensive. That is to say, there are no known removable and transferrable aircraft to drone conversion packages which would simplify the conversion process. The second approach to the design and development of drones is to design and manufacture the drone from scratch.

These vehicles are thus not designed for a pilot on board the vehicle. The typical drone system consists of an airborne vehicle, or airborne system, in combination with a ground station.

The ground station is adapted to provide positive control of the drone throughout the flight envelope of the air vehicle. In addition, appropriate electrical or mechanical devices are also controlled through the ground station. LOCI is the future of innovation, intellectual property, and ideas. LOCI is a tech company founded with the one goal in mind — to change the way the world invents and values ideas. Built upon Aristotelian theory that property may be private but should serve as a benefit to the common good, not just serve to benefit a privileged few, and the belief that we, as humans, truly think better together, LOCI has set out to build a space for these theories to become practice and to put power back into the hands of inventors.

Along with this action of staking claim on the blockchain, the searches conducted in our system can be saved, exported, and submitted to the USPTO as evidence of precedence, further increasing the likelihood that a patent will be granted. In short, LOCI and its technology offer a protected environment for inventors to search, stake, and eventually sell their ideas.

Analysis for your idea. The new way to analyze your idea and discover its novelty and position in the IP landscape. Stewart Rogers , VentureBeat. It indicates a high level of novelty; however, the idea may be so novel that it could be unpatentable and may not work. What are the Top Related Documents? What can I do with this score? What do the related scores mean?

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Use a few of our examples. No worries! QuadCopter Control System. Purpose Because aircraft cockpits and controls are designed for certain human population size range, a generic set of actuators are used which provide full range control actuation in any fighter or attack aircraft, in essence replacing the pilot.

If the patent were interpreted in the way they hoped, it would give them monopolistic control over the aircraft market for years to come. But because his aircraft operated according to the same principle of control, the Wrights believed they had a case. Curtiss was not alone in his legal woes, however. The financial results of these lawsuits were mixed. A German judge ruled against the Wrights. A French court ruled in their favor. And, in the U. But while the financial results of the patent war were mixed, its impact on the state of American aviation was indisputably negative. Once the envy of the skies, Wright aircraft had become an embarrassment.

Meanwhile, even though other American designers continued to develop impressive innovations during the period of the patent wars, the American aircraft industry as a whole was stunted by the litigation. In fact, by the time the United States entered World War I in , the state of domestic aviation was so dismal that the U. Distressed by this state of affairs, an up-and-coming politician named Franklin Delano Roosevelt , then serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, decided to take action. In doing so, Roosevelt effectively brought the patent war to a long overdue conclusion.

To say that the Wrights lost the patent war would be a mistake. Orville and Wilbur collected huge sums in exhibition fees from frightened competitors, despite the absence of a clear ruling in their favor. Still, in the long run, a variety of forces — historical momentum among the most important — lined up against the Wrights, ensuring that the aeronautical principles they had uncovered belonged to all. But we should also remember the years of needless, bitter legal conflict in which they embroiled the industry they founded.

Sean Trainor has a Ph. He teaches history and humanities at Santa Fe College and blogs at seantrainor. Contact us at editors time. She tells us about settling in Bremen, about her family and about being fortunate to have found a home in here. Photography studios, workshops and professional kitchens are rarely fully occupied round the clock. So why not let others share them? The german start-up Craftspace brings together providers of production spaces with entrepreneurs, small business owners and artists on a single online platform. For the last years, this protected heritage site in the centre of Bremen has relied solely on the support of donations to keep it open and well-maintained.

A great deal of manual labour goes into aircraft construction. Despite this — or perhaps even because of it — Airbus is changing its approach to make increased use of digital technologies. GeoSea, a subsidiary of the Belgian DEME group, is helping to construct of some of the largest offshore wind farms in the German North Sea — and in Bremen, the company has found the ideal location to carry out its work. Art, design and people with disabilities make up the fascinating focus of the work of two young designers from Bremen.

Working together with employees from community-based workshops, they develop and improve on designs for handmade products — and are continually thrilled by the potential they see in their co-designers. Companies wishing to access the European market should be careful about their choice of location.

Brexit could result in significantly higher financial and tax burdens for UK-based companies. Under these circumstances, setting up a base on the continent might be a better option. Find out what challenges companies will be facing. Environmentally friendly manufacturing and ethical standards are the principles on which the fair trade clothing sector is based. Leela Cotton, a successful German-Turkish textile company, produces clothes for children and adults that are not only stylish, but also make a positive contribution to the environment in the way they are manufactured.

Why have so many IT companies chosen to establish themselves in Bremen? We asked five key business figures and researchers from various organisations to tell us what makes the city such an attractive location for the IT sector. The first prototype of a camera with brand new sensor technology was built in Canada and presented to industry professionals at the Ocean Business conference in Southampton, United Kingdom, in April.

The Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate is a successful business park that is currently undergoing expansion. Several major logistics companies have based themselves here, developing increasingly sophisticated processes that aim to optimise just-in-sequence production for the automotive industry. Of all the states in Germany, Bremen has the highest density of major research institutions in relation to its population — a fact that also benefits those who study there.

It offers a range of international education opportunities for prospective academics with strong practical relevance and research activities that span a diverse range of fields. But where do they all work? Three continents, four countries, and Bremen at the centre of it all — a start-up could hardly be more international.

The young entrepreneurs Ahmed Cheema and Stefan Kuzmanovski want to make sustainable manufacturing and the use of ethically sourced materials standard practice. Lighter, more bespoke and more intricate: for companies open to new ideas in manufacturing and construction, metal parts produced by 3D printers present an economic alternative to conventional die cutting, rolling and milling. Leading the way is Materialise, a company with its own metal printing plant in Bremen. Bremen has been twinned with the city of Dalian in north-eastern China since Find out more about the similarities and connections that the two port cities share.

Up to now, cricket has been very much a niche sport in Germany. But that is changing. In Bremen, a woman is calling the shots in this male-dominated sport — with great success. Wearables and smart glasses provide hands-free digital information. A visit at the headquarter of the global market leader for Industrial Wearable Computing, Ubimax in Bremen. Where do these investors hail from, how many jobs have they created, and what is their line of business?

Our infographics provide an overview. Now he is opening a design office in Bremen, with the aim of making it easier for Chinese products to enter the German market, and to bring German brands to China. Keen to remain in Bremen? Then why not combine residency status with self-employment? From initial idea to successful move.

Andreas Gerber, who heads up the international relocation team at Bremeninvest, knows what international companies need to do to set up a business in Bremen. Here he tells us about the most important steps on the Every year, the terminal handles some 2. Going it alone is rarely an easy option. Co-working enables entrepreneurs to work in a shared space and experience the benefits and synergies that come with this. There are nine co-working spaces in Bremen — which one is right for you?

Permits and authorisations, a mountain of applications and a language barrier too. These are just some of the difficulties you face when starting a business abroad. Geographical distance and cultural differences make it hard to relocate or start up a company in another country. They'll do all they can to make your international business a success.

In December ministers from the European Space Agency ESA member states met to determine the roadmap for the European space sector for the years ahead. The sky is not the limit, at least not in Bremen. Aeroplane wings, Ariane rockets and Galileo satellites — Bremen is one of the leading locations in the international aerospace industry. In Bremen won the right to host the International Astronautical Congress for the second time, after having successfully held the event in The Bremen region has long been a pioneer in electric mobility and is now set to enjoy further success after Mercedes-Benz and Borgward announced that they will be making electric vehicles in the city.

Reason enough for an ever-growing number of suppliers and logistics firms to base themselves in Bremen. For 30 years, the Cargo Distribution Centre in Bremen has delivered excellence — as an investment location and a logistics hub. Today more than companies employing approximately 8, people are based at the site. It offers direct links to the ports, the autobahn and has a close proximity to Bremen City Airport.

Language barriers, unfamiliar legal and fiscal systems, qualifications that need to be recognised. There are many additional hurdles that entrepreneurs have to overcome when setting up a new branch or a new company in a different country. Bremeninvest is committed to offering you advice and support from the outset. You might expect a Bremen-based company specialising in innovative instruments and implants for spinal surgery to be located at the Technology Park.

But you'd be wrong. Bremen Stories. Aircraft construction at close quarters — behind the scenes at the Airbus Group. The vast Airbus Group site at Bremen Airport-City brings together the expertise of aviation and aerospace specialists. It takes to the skies and lands again safely — thanks to the Bremen plant The Airbus facility in Bremen is the company's second-largest site in Germany and is located at Bremen Airport-City.

From the landing flaps to the wings The next hall, which is dedicated to wing equipment, seems even more enormous. The superlative AM Continuing our tour, we enter the third assembly hall, devoted to the AM, the state-of-the art military transport aircraft manufactured by the Airbus Group. Choose Language. Your contacts. Related links. Investing in Bremen.

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Learn more. Twelve hidden champions from Bremen. More about Bremens Hidden Champions. Bremen — Germany's greenest city. New incubator for space start-ups in Bremen. Quality of life. We love Bremen: 10 declarations of affection. Success stories. Four entrepreneurs talk about what attracted them to Bremen. The magic of bicycles, flower stalls and book shops. Sigma Textil: how Muhammad-Farhan Aslam turned his father's business around. What is a neural network? Learn more about neural networks. Flyline — two decades of success in Bremen. Trademark protection in Germany and abroad — what you need to know.

Tradition meets innovation. Space exploration takes flight in Bremen. The Bremen property market is booming. Property Market Report. The space industry in Bremen: living and working in the Hanseatic city. Bringing the universe to Bremen. Working in an idyllic location. Safety first: sensor expertise in Bremen. To the European headquarters. To the projects.

Wright brothers patent war - Wikipedia

From the idea to the patent. Schuppen 3 transforms into EuropaQuartier. To his story. Bicycles made in Bremen — Velo Lab moves to a bigger site. Food and beverage. The capital of fish fingers.

The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of Patent Trolling

Surveying space. Major project on the key technology of lightweight construction is taking shape. Bremen Industrial Park. Further expansion at a site with big ambitions. Chinese companies are investing in Bremen. Business parks in Bremen — space for individual requirements. Find your match. Women in Aerospace — an organization promoting women in space industry.

Read more on Bremen. From greenfield site to Hansalinie Industrial Estate: the flagship project continues to grow. Artificial intelligence made in Bremen.

Aircraft construction at close quarters – behind the scenes at the Airbus Group

Team Beverage moves headquarters to Bremen. A Vietnamese visiting Bremen for the first time. Organic underwear made in Bremen: Canadian sisters launch their own pop-up store. Bremen Airport-Stadt: where aerospace and business meet. Studying, researching and living in Bremen Technology Park. Sweetness by the barrel — Dewin GmbH imports honey from China. How five women made their careers in Bremen.

Automotive Industries. A race against the clock. Moon living. Unternehmensservice Bremen — cutting through the red tape. Brexit — is your company just another piece of the cake? Read more at "Vietnam Economic Times". Brefeo sells Turkish furniture in Africa.