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All of her friends go missing one by one, the weird Alfred Morris is the main suspect. It really has an American giallo vibe to it with the mysterious black glove killer through the whole production. The gore will satisfy any dedicated horror fan, it actually has a great story to it. The final act is amazing, it has a creative set up to all the madness here! It was produced by Hammer Film Productions.

In , Secret Service agent barely escapes from an English country house where satanic rituals are celebrated. It might be the most unique chapter in the history of Dracula because it has a completely different vibe to it compared to the others. Hammer was trying to capitalize on the popularity of James Bond at the time so they produced a hybrid feature hoping to get more attention worldwide from it.

Joanna Lumley was good as Jessica Van Helsing but I wish the original actress could have returned for the role instead of being replaced by someone else. The character was much different here compared to the other feature. It blows away all the previous releases including the overseas blu ray.

The Satanic Rites of Dracula will feel like a whole new experience with these upgrades. Dracula A. It was the return of Peter Cushing as Van Helsing for the first time since The film was inspired by the events surrounding the Highgate Vampire case. It followed by The Satanic Rites of Dracula.

Dracula repays his disciple by making him a vampire. This leads to a confrontation with his nemesis Count Dracula! It was a unique twist to a familiar concept. Both horror icons have great performances here in roles they made their own over the years. This talk about the high definition presentation from Warner Archive! A sequel has been announced for this!!!! Henry makes a gruesome discovery hours later. Their curiosity turns out to be a huge mistake when they get more than they bargained for.

Can he survive this night of terror or is it time for some payback? The nonlinear narrative gives it a completely different vibe compared to the others that you have seen in the past. It has a little something for everyone. The role of Sam has become an icon in the horror community. They mention they used midgets at night for the children because they had hour restrictions. They chat about the cast. They joke about wanting to make fake trailers for this but getting shot down by the studio. They bring up some inspirations for this. They said they played pranks on the actors on the set.

They mention changing an ending to one of the stories because it was already done a few times before. They say Brian Cox wanted his character to look like director John Carpenter for this. They mention the various Sam toys made at the time. Michael Dougherty talks about the original animated short inspiring the film. He chats about doing animation but he wanted to expand past that. He mentions the anthologies that inspired him to do this. He tells the story on how the concept became a reality. He brings up the pre-production process of Trick R Treat.

He goes into great detail about the overall production. He says he picked the composer after seeing Monster House. Douglas Pipes chats about how he created the music for the feature. This is the original animated short. They have some entertaining stories about the production.

All the old extras from the original Warner Bros blu ray have been upgraded from standard to high definition here, they all look much better on this! Walt Disney Studios originally purchased the film rights in s but nothing was ever developed for the project so Warner Bros picked up the rights years later. A sequel is rumored to be in development after the success of the original feature. The other 3 members are currently on a mission financed by Morris.

Suyin goes off on her own trying to save her friends. Jonas Taylor is called in to help with the situation after being retired for years because of the previous mission. They thought their problem was over until they realize they let the unknown beast out.

Jason Statham vs. That alone got me excited about this production. The Meg is the best shark horror feature made in a long time. That sub genre has kinda become a joke due to a certain franchise. It delivered on most of what you would expect from this type of film.

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It still worked but it would have been so much better if it was Rated R. It had a nice variety of characters, never a dull moment here. I had so much fun with The Meg, the replay value is strong with it. As far as 4K releases go, this is one of the best looking recent releases. WOW, this is definitely the best sounding 4K released in! As far as technical aspects go, this is the most impressive UHD disc from this year!!!!

They bring up how much fun it was making this feature. They mention their experience on this. They tell some stories from the set. They talk about everything in this was big. They show some early pre-production artwork for the creature. They chat about the visual effects. Jaws gets brought up as an example here. It goes into great detail about putting together this giant shark for this feature. It focuses on filming in New Zealand. It shows various locations from the production. Local crew chat about working on the film.

Ernest R. Kabukiman N. Def by Temptation takes place in New York City. Both were very religious back then, Joel is training to be a minister like his late father Garth played by: Samuel L. Can the two friends keep their friendship together long enough to survive this pure evil???? It had a killer visual style thanks to legendary cinematographer Ernest R. It had a solid supporting cast of actors which included an early performance from superstar Samuel L. If Ernest R. Dickerson shoots a film then it always holds up, Def by Temptation looks awesome.

Vinegar Syndrome proves once again that they are the best when it comes to restorations. He talks about how he got into acting. He brings up some projects that he worked on over the years. He brings up the struggles of funding for this. He talks about directing himself for the film. He goes into detail about the editing process for the production. He says Troma got involved with the project late.

He mentions he was offered all kinds of horror sequels after this. They chat about how the project got started. Ernest talks about all the work he did before this. He says he handled all kinds of tasks on this film. He brings up the influence on this to his style on Do the Right Thing which he shot soon after this was finished. He mentions some movies that influenced him for this.

Lloyd Kaufman chats about his involvement on the feature. He says he was nervous to take over as cinematographer for the additional scenes. Ernest tells a funny story about buying equipment back for the production after it was stolen. He shows his appreciate for the feature. He brings up that it was one of the first things he wrote about with Fangoria. A limited edition slipcover version is available at the Vinegar Syndrome store. This retail release is available everywhere right now, check it out!!!!

In the patients at the Vannacutt Institute for the Criminally Insane revolt against the staff headed by the sadistic Dr. She gives him a guest list but he changes it yet it somehow it ends up different from his own customized list. It has a great ensemble cast which really brought the production to a higher level.

Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Richard Vannacutt is one of true highlights here. I wish his character had more screen time in this. Everything still holds up great in this. The visual effects are the complete opposite. It really makes the outdated visual effects here stand out. He points out some of the cameos for the remake. He brings up Marilyn Manson almost having a part in this while his song is playing in the film. He talks about the cast for the production. He gets technical about some shots here.

He does a decent amount of scene by scene moments for this track. He mentions some scenes that got deleted at the end. He chats about the original film. He says that he wanted to use the original house but the location changed so much since then. He brings up adding his own concepts to the classic story. He mentions the pre-production process for it, He goes into the technical aspects of making the film. He says it was an honor to use effects from Dick Smith in this. He talks about the studio picking out most of the cast.

He chats about the actors in the feature. He goes into great detail about the music from this film. He says he prefers it composed by actually performing rather than programmed. He says he had to rent out space for the miniatures for the production. It has an interview with director William Malone. Creepshow is a horror anthology film directed by George A.

Two sequels were made after this feature. As Billy sits upstairs cursing his father with hopes of him rotting in Hell, he hears a sound at the window which turns out to be a ghostly apparition in the form of The Creep from the comic book, beckoning him to come closer. He starts to lose his mind as his problem grows!

Hangman - Horror Short Film

He watches them suffer until their very last breathe or at least he thought he did! The two lovers have a surprise for the jealous psychopath that he will never forget. Karma pays back a man with no morals or manners when his worst nightmares come true. The special effects by Tom Savini are just flat out amazing in this. It brought Creepshow to a whole new level.

It also has one of greatest cast ever put together for a horror production. It has two different audio options which include English 5. The 5. The dialogue also seemed slightly off. I highly recommend choosing 2. If you are fan of this classic horror anthology, you owe it to yourself to add this top notch release to your collection!!!!

They joke about the opening credits being too fast. They chat about the cast in the film. They say this is the first time when Castle Rock was referenced. Savini brings up that he traded The Crate used for this for Gort here. They bring up the word cunt being changed in most available versions of this. Romero tells a hilarious story at the end about not recognizing a crew member. They chat about the Pittsburgh movie industry. They bring up their experience on Knightriders. John Harrison talks about the music in the film.

They bring up the editing on this. They are curious where some of the props from this are now. They have several stories about the cockroaches from the feature. They talk about the variety of actors from this production. He gets technical about his camerawork for the film. He mentions that Stephen King offered them all kinds of material to make during this.

He brings up Creepshow 2 which he directed. He goes over the post production process. They mention the new 4K restoration that Scream Factory did for this release. This is more of a variety of audio interviews mixed together rather than an actual audio commentary but it still kinda plays out like one. He explains how the colorful comic book visual style was achieved here.

He lists all the jobs he did for the production of Creepshow. He tells the story on how he got started with special effects. He says he mainly did slashers effects before he did Creepshow. He talks about it being completely different from those features. He brings up the Fluffy character which he played in the film. He talks about the different species of cockroaches used here. John Amplas brings up that he got the role after filming already started. He chats about acting with the special effects applied to him. He jokes that he chickened out with the real maggots on the set.

He chats about working with Ed Harris on a few projects. Tom Atkins says Romero asked him what role he wanted for this but when he answered he already had one in mind for him. They talk about this being the first time Romero worked with bigger actors rather than locals. They tell some stories about the late director. They all pay tribute to George here. She talks about her experience on Knightriders. It has some behind the scenes footage for Creepshow. She jokes that she got lots of costumes for zombies at goodwill. He said he first started working with Romero on commercials. He brings up that he did the sequel Creepshow 2 also.

He says originally The Creep in the film was supposed to be all practical but the shot was too expensive to do so it ended up being animated. He goes into detail about his work on this production. He mentions the test screenings they did for the film. They show their appreciation for the horror anthology. They talk about the original poster for it. It shows some of the best moments from Creepshow being created here.

He was denied access to a few of them so you only get to see the front of them. It always great to see HHG episodes added to home video releases. I am beyond impressed with the overall presentation for this. It was shot in Kingston, Jamaica. She plans on making the story into a film. Someone in the theater is killing them off one by one during the event. Who is behind this madness? Popcorn is one of the best slashers produced in the 90s. The special effects were impressive on this feature. Technology has changed A LOT over the years since this was filmed. They definitely brought this production to another level.

It brings you into the audience while all the mayhem takes place. Mark Herrier talks about replacing the original director for this. He points out some of the stuff Alan Ormsby directed before he accepted the job. They said almost all of the original dialogue had to be re-looped. Jill Schoelen says that the original actress that she replaced can still be seen in a few scenes, They joke about all the Jamaican music played while filming this. They bring up all the great reviews they got this when it first came out.

They focus on the special effects from the production. They joke about this film being hard to find on home video before now. Mark Herrier brings up when producer Bob Clark fired his own friend Alan Ormsby on this production that it ruined their relationship. The cast chats about how they got their roles for this. Lilith Kinke. Soap Queen. Lae Ilola. Paula Paradis. Ninja 3: Escape or Die - Two Choices! Lesbian Erotica: Hotel Receptionist.

Tina Long. Ninja 2: It's the little things that can kill you! Jane Kemp. Travelling Vladivostok Big Beaver Diaries. Stephen Harris. The Virgin Tales 4. Caralyn Knight. The Horny BBW. Bonnie Wilkens. Everyday Hunks. Written Expressions Authors. Ninja 4: The Emperior must die! Runaway Heart. Nicole Clark. Lie Like a Dog. Richard Diedrichs. Gray Lake. Evangeline Love. In Leopard's Love 2. Kimaya Mathew. Spank Me Daddy. Aaliyah Jackson. The Lord of the Tower. Paul Xylinides. The Beast in the Mirror.

Lauralynn Elliott. Different Worlds. Lyla Taylor. Ghost of His Past. Liam Drake. Punish Him. Felicity Ferras. Under His Touch. Angelica Siren. The Beauty of Forever. Elyzabeth M.

Return to Me. Megan Cooper.

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Grabbing Fate. Jinni James. Taming The Tiger. John Rocha. Office Cuckold, Meet The Boss. Annie DuBois. A Good Idea at the Time. Ross Hamilton. Captured by the Vampire. But what she finds at the House of Fallen Trees is a classic creepy ghost tale that might have killed her brother. House of Fallen Trees is a fast, compelling read. It's dark, twisted and will have readers questioning Karen as much as the strange happenings at the giant ship built in the middle of the woods. Creepy and fun, it's a stellar ghost tale in a thin market. A definite good choice for horror collections.

Contains: Sexual language, foul language. The Cranston Gibberer by Martin Mundt. Bad Moon Books, In a story told entirely through letters between H and his friend X, The Cranston Gibberer tells of a writer H who is asked by his boss to investigate and write a newspaper article about a local monster called the Cranston Menace. H discovers the monster—also known as the Cranston Gibberer--is centuries old and has some connection to a family called Dirge…one of which is the publisher of the newspaper that H writes for.

Unfortunately for H, the monster has decided to change his target. The writing is funny and clever, and Mundt will leave you wondering if the monster was real or if H was really one crazy SOB? A quick and enjoyable read, The Cranston Gibberer is one of those rare stories that I can read over and over again. Get this book! In an effort to get past his grief, Mike takes on a new assignment for the newspaper. He goes to the small town of Gremory to investigate strange fatal accidents happening there. While there he meets the enigmatic and beautiful Charlotte.

Gremory is preparing for an annual festival that has been celebrated for generations. Mike now finds himself in danger while at the same time in a position to decide the fate of the world. The supernatural forces are hard at work in Gremory but Mike is not alone in his fight against evil.

While I liked the basic story of The Raising, I thought its execution was average, at best. That being said, I think there is some potential here for a darker tale that would appeal to a wider audience. The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian. Available: New and digital. Maybe you remember the Miracle of the Hudson, in which a pilot safely landed a plane on the Hudson River, saving many lives. This is not the story of that amazing rescue. Unable to return to the life he once had, plagued by PTSD, nightmares, and hallucinations, Chip, his wife Emily, and their twin daughters Hallie and Garnet retreat to an old Victorian fixer-upper in small town New Hampshire to begin again.

Driven by guilt, he promises to provide his daughters as friends for the ghost girl. There is something unforgettable and disturbing about the way guilt and fear color the interactions between parents and children. Bohjalian has created a sense of dread throughout- the atmosphere is chilling and claustrophobic under a superficially pleasant surface.

Strong writing, well-developed characters, and a terrifying climax followed by an ending with a twist all conspire together to create a frightening psychological tale of the supernatural that is much more than a traditional haunted house story. Contains: violence, murder, possession, sexual situations, witchcraft, blood sacrifice. Samson and Denial by Robert Ford. Thunderstorm, Available: Used. Bob Ford has written a tight supernatural noir piece in Samson and Denial. Samson Gallows runs a seedy pawn shop and is a small time drug dealer — then a junkie pawns a mummified head, Samson's brother gets iced by the Russian mob, and his wife disappears.

With his whole world turned upside down, Samson and his mummy head take to the streets of Philadelphia, streets that are soon awash in blood, violence, and supernatural mayhem. Reminiscent of the writings of Elmore Leonard and Joe Lansdale, Samson and Denial introduces us to the seedy underground of Philadelphia and a myriad of colorful characters that ring true.

This spectacular debut is over-the-top, violent, and an adrenaline-pumping ride. The supernatural element is an interesting twist to an otherwise straightforward revenge fantasy crime drama. Ford makes it work by pulling no punches and never taking his foot off the accelerator. At less than pages, Samson and Denial is streamlined and action-packed, but a wild ride guaranteed to thrill the most jaded of genre fans.

Limited to only copies, Samson and Denial is a must-have for collectors and one I highly recommend. Review by Bob Freeman. Cinema of Shadows by Michael West. Seventh Star Press The Woodfield Movie Palace has seen its share of tragedy in the many years since it first opened as an opera house.

It has been boarded up as of late, with plans to knock it down. Before that happens, Professor Burke wants to conduct an investigation to see if the Woodfield is haunted. The professor and some of his parapsychology students venture into the old theater to see what they can find. Kim, who had her own encounter with a ghost some years earlier, is hoping to face her fears. Her boyfriend, Dr. Tyler Bachman, has seen some strange and scary things in the ER lately that appear to be connected to the old theater.

When the group goes in, will they make it out alive? There are interesting and well-rounded characters and a fantastic history for the old movie theater. If you like ghosts, demons or hauntings then Cinema of Shadows belongs in your horror book collection. Contains violence, gore, adult language. In this story we meet Jacob Portman, teenage future heir to a Florida drugstore chain. This is an amazing book! Highly recommended for readers of the supernatural, strange, horror, and genuinely strange but funny books. Cuckoo by Richard Wright. Cuckoo was the first book written by Richard Wright.

In it, we meet Greg Summers. Greg has it all, a beautiful wife, nice family, and a loving mistress named Georgette. But are the things Greg possesses real? Is Greg Summers really his identity? Rapidly, Greg discovers what is true and what is false, and in a dizzying chase, attempts to avoid a fate worse than death. I will not spoil the horrors which wait for you in this graphic, deeply disturbing novel. However, I will say that this is not a book for anyone under the age of consent.


Exceedingly raw, violent and unflinching in its storytelling, Cuckoo will gross you out, just as it absolutely terrifies you. Sometimes you just cannot win. Hopefully no one reading this will ever end up being chased by the Cuckoo. Highly recommended for mature readers. Contains: Graphic violence, graphic sex, gruesome imagery, profanity, adult situations. Carnival of Fear by J. Graveside Tales, A dark carnival has appeared in the middle of the night on Halloween Eve, and the carnies are hungry for human flesh and souls.

The biggest attraction is the Haunted Castle. When the castle is full, at the stroke of midnight, everything changes. Upon entering a theme room in the Haunted Castle—witches, zombies, and werewolves—the teens are transported to another world. If they destroy the evil there, then they will end up back in the castle, cardboard cutouts and all. The teens discover that they must defeat the evil in each room of the attraction, and then do the same in the final room at the top. Unfortunately, not everyone will make it out alive. Carnival of Fear is an imaginative and scary story that plays on the fears we all have when walking into a haunted attraction of some kind.

The main characters are all kids, but adults can relate to them all in one way or another. We were scared teens, too once. The story is well-written and has a nice flow to it. Faherty has written a dark and spooky story that will appeal to all ages. Contains: Violence, gore and sexual situations. The White Faced Bear by R. Scott McCoy. Bellfire Press, Merrick and his grandfather Joe are descendants of the shaman Aouachala, and they help Jeff survive the wrath of the magician and destroy the giant bear.

Along the way both men must deal with the deaths of their fathers and how it has affected their own lives to this point. Character development is spot on and the story moves at breakneck speed to its inevitable and satisfying conclusion. Both Jeff and Merrick are flawed, but still very likeable men, who are just trying to find their way. This is definitely one to pick up if you like your horror full of the supernatural and dangerous animals.

The Watching by Paul Melniczek. Available:Used and Digital. Not only does Trish watch over Pat, but she is also her best friend. One night Pat has trouble sleeping because Trish had told her a spooky story earlier that day. Unable to sleep, Pat finally crawled out of bed to look out the window and saw Trish trying to lure one of the family cats back into the house.

A moment later, something reaches out and grabs Trish, who is never seen again. Over time others do as well, and only Pat has any idea of the reason behind said disappearances. However it does fall a little flat. I think had this been an actual novel, Melniczek would have been able to add some more depth to the characters and create an even creepier tale. So those that enjoy twisted fairy tales would probably enjoy this novella. Also worth noting are the cover art and artwork within this book drawn by Jill Bauman.

They add an additional charm to this short read. The Samhanach by Lisa Morton. Three hundred years ago the McCafferty clan was cursed by something that rose up out of the bog. During a Halloween party, one of the young McCafferty boys was murdered out of jealousy. His family chased the perpetrator to a bog where the murderer called up a Samhanach…a bog demon.

Every Halloween the family waits for the demon to show itself and do its worst. A hundred years pass before it comes to fulfill the curse, and another hundred years pass before it shows itself again. At just a hundred pages, The Samhanach is a quick read and a wonderful story. Lisa Morton delves into ancient Celtic folklore to weave an imaginative Halloween tale that recalls the origins of the holiday and the bogies that lurk in the dark. The story takes on a great dark fantasy twist when Merran has to enter the dark fairie realm in order to save her daughter from the shape-shifting Samhanach.

With vivid descriptions of the fairie world and the devastation caused by the Samhanach, as well as beautiful cover art by Frank Walls, this is a great novella to add to your collection. We have a take two review of The Samhanach this time by David Agranoff. Lisa Morton is a three time Bram Stoker award winning author. Morton is also the author of two non-fiction books about her favorite holiday — Halloween. Who better to write a novella taking place on Halloween than someone who loves it? Morton brings her amazing depth of knowledge of Halloween folklore to this complex story.

Spanning years of Halloween and Scottish folklore, this is the story of a family curse. Every one hundred years on Halloween night, a monster seeks revenge on the McCafferty clan. They were perfect plane reads. You can get the whole story in one sitting, the perfect length for a short flight. The books are not cheap, but keep in mind, Bad Moon is an independent press putting out works by fresh new authors, and they are worthy of your support.

The Samhanach is another home run for Lisa Morton. Fans of Halloween fiction should not pass this one up. Get yourself a copy and read it on Halloween night! Highly recommended! Finally, a third take on The Samhanach from Rhonda Wilson:. On Halloween, Merran McCafferty discovers a journal by one of her ancestors lying in the yard. Reading through the journal, she finds out about a curse that has supposedly been on her family for years.

She has trouble deciding whether the journal is the truth until things start to happen to her neighbors, and in particular, her daughter. When her daughter is taken into another dimension by the Samhanach, the creature that attacks their family every years, Merran goes on a mission to both save her daughter and end the curse forever. Morton is extremely knowledgeable on the history of Halloween, having written two nonfiction books on the topic: The Halloween Encyclopedia and A Halloween Anthology.

Her knowledge is evident throughout the novella, which is threaded with Halloween folklore. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fast and creepy read this Halloween, or any day, for that matter! Available: New and Digital. Unfortunately for Priscilla Stuyvesant, who is overseeing the transport of the artifacts, a bomb has reduced three truckloads to one. Priscilla and her two companions, Mason and Brigham, barely escape with their lives, and have now picked up some refugees. One of the refugees decides to ride in the back of the truck, but Priscilla senses something is wrong with their cargo.

After a harrowing night at a military refueling station, the group finally makes it to the docks and the cargo ship, but with two less people than they had the night before. Once on board, things go from bad to worse rather quickly. Not only are these mummies former assassins returning to life, but the ship has now been boarded by Nazis on the run from their own government, including a doctor who performed unauthorized experiments on his own people.

Priscilla and her companions must find a way to survive murderous Nazis and powerful mummies all in the enclosed spaces of a cargo ship on the Atlantic Ocean. If there was ever a story to begin the reign of the mummy in the horror genre, Eternal Unrest is it. Dixon has woven a tale of war, murder, and revenge—of two powerful civilizations separated by thousands of years, and the magic and horror that has connected them.

Eternal Unrest wastes no time getting into the meat of the story, which is bloody and brutal, and the very claustrophobic atmosphere makes for a truly scary read. With a great introduction by author Nick Cato who sums up the lack of mummy love perfectly, and amazing cover art by C. Hutchinson and Jesus Morales, this is a must-read. Smile No More by James A. Miskatonic Books , The Carnivale de Fantastique and those surrounding the Carnivale are stumped as to why people from the show keep turning up dead. James A. Moore sent me this book after finding out that I had a fear of clowns, and I can tell you this… if I were to ever see Rufo the Clown in person I would cower in fright and probably not be able to move.

I feared what Rufo would do next and felt bad for all the people he killed, but I also felt sorry for Rufo. I understood what he was trying to accomplish and sympathized with his loss.

Moore really created a heartfelt, yet horrifying, tale with Smile No More. Readers who get nightmares from reading scary books may want to skip this one, as the visuals throughout could definitely make it difficult to sleep. However, for anyone else, this should be a book on the top of your reading list. A View from the Lake by Greg F. Available:New and Kindle. James is devastated, and within a few months of that tragic accident, he slowly loses his sanity and then disappears. A year later, Katherine has decided to sell the resort and start over somewhere new. Carlo discovers a past that James kept hidden from his wife that came back to haunt him—and drive him mad—when the boy drowned at the resort.

Carlo tries to get back to Katherine during a blizzard, while she makes her way down the same path as James did over a year before. Greg F. Gifune has written a beautifully dark story about the fine line between sanity and insanity. Gifune highlights this isolation by setting A View from the Lake at an empty resort during the height of a blizzard.

Katherine and Carlo experience their own isolation, both figuratively and literally—Katherine at the empty resort and Carlo attempting to navigate the empty, snow-covered roads. Carlo is also attempting to keep himself sober long enough to save Katherine from James and his past.

With a wonderful introduction by T. Wright and fantastic cover art by Erin Wells, A View from the Lake will appeal to fans of dark fiction and the supernatural alike. Contains: Violence, adult language and sexual situations. Harbor by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Thomas Dunne Books; Reprint edition, One snowy morning, on a small island in Sweden, Anders and Cecilia take their six-year-old daughter Maya across the ice to visit a lighthouse in the middle of a frozen channel.

Anders and Cecilia explore the lighthouse, leaving Maya on her own. She disappears, without leaving even a footprint. Two years later, Anders returns to the island. Everyone, including his own mother, appears reluctant to speak, the sea seemingly holding a power over them all. Shortly after his return, strange things begin to happen. Anders commits to doing whatever it takes to find out what actually happened that morning two years ago.

Anders will stop at nothing, risking his own life, to discover what happened to his daughter. Lindquvist is known for reinventing horror genres, and he succeeds once again in Harbor. The suspense builds slowly and steadily, keeping the reader involved. Characterization is another aspect at which Lindqvist excels: Harbor is a story that takes place over five generations, allowing him to build the history and create familiarity with the members of each of the families involved.

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This is a book that cannot be skimmed or skipped over. Tiny details mentioned early on come back again in later chapters: missing those details might take away the impact of the story. The writing is rich, the characters multi-dimensional, the storyline compelling. Reviewed by: Jennifer Lawrence. He was left for dead, discovered at the brink of death.

During one of the test runs of the train, a horrific accident took place. The only survivor of this accident was an employee, originally quite sane, who upon surviving the tragic accident, completely lost his mind. A host of celebrities, including a man in the running for the Presidency, are accompanying him on the ride. Buck knows accepting this job is quite possibly a suicide mission. Mediums who have visited this area have died: Buck came close to dying himself in this exact location.

Everything comes into question as the train goes speeding through the desert at miles an hour, heading through one of most dangerous locations in the country. Black Light is a unique novel. Think of it as a combination of Ghostbusters and Die Hard. Note: The authors of Black Light are also the creators of the Saw horror movie franchise.

Reviewed by Jennifer Lawrence. The Pumpkin Man by John Everson. Now, on top of that, Jennica and her roommate, Kirsten, have been laid off. Desperate to get away, Kirsten and Jenn head to California to check out the home Jenn has inherited from her now-deceased aunt Meredith. The bookshelves in her home are filled with ancient books on death, potions, and the like. One of the most interesting books is a photo album filled with pictures of intricately carved pumpkins. When they head to a local bar for a drink, the townspeople are hostile, serving the girls a rat under a silver dome dish. As the days pass, Jenn learns more about her aunt and her uncle, George, often referred to as the Pumpkin Man.

George was skilled at carving complex images into pumpkins, and each year, people would look forward to his big creation for that year. Then one year a little boy went missing, and the pumpkin displayed that year resembled the face of the missing boy. Desperate for human interaction outside of the unwelcoming town, the girls head down to San Francisco. They meet two young men, who come to visit the girls at the house. Jenn begins to question this, however.

She feels something in the air…something that compels her to want to learn more. Someone is trying to tell her something. The brutal killings begin again. This time, the victims are the parents of the children from the previous murders. Jenn is certain all of this has to do with her aunt and the mysterious home in which she is living. It is full of everything a good horror book should contain: a spooky setting, mysterious deaths, a small down with dark secrets, as well as rich and detailed characters.

Read it at night…alone…if you dare! Highly, highly, recommended! Macabre Ink, Available: multi-format digital. This is My Blood is a sneaky, beautifully written Christian horror tale of supernatural damnation and love. In this hard-to-put-down book, a vampire, turned by Lucifer himself to punish humanity, becomes enamored with the mythos of The Christ and finds the love and power radiating from the man himself to be more than she expected. Taking on the role of Mary Magdalene, she finds herself drawn to him, despite Lucifer's promise that she's bound to damn him. Wilson's tale is enchanting, deeply religious without being judgmental or hypocritical.

Beautifully written, it's definitely worth the cost and the time to read. Highly recommended for budding digital collections. Contains: Violence, religious themes. Review by Michele Lee. Sideshow Press, Boaz is a gay teen whose family has a deep secret—they're the protectors of a shard of the temple of King Solomon. Now that his uncle is dead, his family is falling apart and Boaz must learn to step up and save them all. Thompson jerks readers around on silken strings in a rare piece of fiction that explores both the Hebrew and gay identities.

While its length and ebook only at the moment format limit its value to public collections which might not be making the ebook transition, I definitely recommend this tale to horror readers, especially those hungering for minority points of view. Contains: violence. Reviewed by: Michele Lee. The Old One is the story of David, a man who has had nothing to fear for much of his life, because he had little if anything to lose. When a bridge is flooded over on his way to the Pacific Coastline in the state of Washington, David finds himself in the sleepy town of Myrtle.

There he meets the locals and is harassed by one of the local crazies, Rodney. David, of course, is thoroughly confused. One night he sees something that causes him to force them to show the truth. This is story is very short, scary and comes off like a H. Lovecraft story. Although I did not care for the nonlinear, out of order chapter set up, I must say the story itself is quite good.

This is recommended if you like strange spooky stories, or tales of the occult or the Ancient Ones. Contains: Violence and gore. Bedbugs by Ben H. Available: Paperback. Bedbugs explores the terror and stress that comes hand in hand with moving. Susan Wendt has decided her apartment in Union City — a very nice part of lower Manhattan in New York — is too small for her family, and convinces her husband Alex they need to start looking for an apartment in Brooklyn.

However, no sooner do they move into the apartment, then Susan starts feeling an itch. Yet, the bedbugs only seem to be in her mind. Is she going insane, or is some truly unspeakably awful happening in her new two story brownstone apartment? This book is a rich blend of classic psychological suspense and horror. If Alfred Hitchcock were still with us, this is a book he would adapt to film.

The scares are wonderful - equal parts weird and gruesome-the drama is very natural in its approach, and Mr. Winter brilliantly captures the fabric of life in Brooklyn, New York. This book is highly recommended, especially for people who like a good scare, or a wonderfully written psychological suspense piece.

  • Horror - HellBound Books Publishing.
  • Splendour in the Grass.
  • Dead Birds: The Dark Orphans Collection.
  • Killing for Religion.

Without spoiling anything, if you like freaky or supernatural elements, you will adore this book. Contains: Adult situations, profanity, violence, gore. The Uncertain Places by Lisa Goldstein. Tachyon Publications, Available: trade paperback. He notices some odd behavior on their part but ignores it because he has been totally enchanted. And that enchantment may be in the literal sense. After a while, Livvy becomes ill and falls asleep.

In his quest to help her, Will discovers a bargain made generations ago in which one girl from every generation in the family must go to sleep for seven years to help fight in another, supernatural world. The story of the Bondmaid was first told to the Brothers Grimm, but was then forgotten and hidden away.

Now Will must discover the mysterious other world and the meaning of the Bondmaid in order to help Livvy and her family. The Uncertain Places is an entertaining story about what happens when the real world and the magical world begin to overlap. I enjoyed how Lisa Goldstein intertwined her fictional story with the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. The brothers even become characters in the story, creating a bit of historical fiction.

The character development was adequate for the main characters but secondary characters fall a bit flat for me. Overall I felt it was a slightly above-average fantasy story but I would have liked to have seen more emotion in the writing and in the characters. Fear Me by Tim Curran.

Available: Limited Edition Mini-hardcover and E-book. Danny Palmquist is fresh meat at Shaddock Valley Prison, which houses some of the most dangerous criminals in the state. Romero wants nothing more than to keep to himself and do his time with as little trouble as possible. The cons want Danny dead, but Romero feels the need to protect him. When Danny goes to sleep something else wakes up…something evil and depraved…and Danny can do nothing to stop it. Tim Curran has hit another home run with Fear Me.

It is a gritty and visceral story about a fear so deep that it drives grown men insane. Romero is a decent guy, especially when compared to some of the other inmates, which include outlaw bikers, gang bangers, drug dealers, white supremacists, rapists and murderers. Danny tells Romero his story, and Romero believes him…. Character development is dead on, and so is the description of the environment.

The creature itself is gruesome and frightening in its detail. Tim Curran manages to freak me out, yet again—this is why he is one of my favorite authors. Contains violence, gore, adult language and adult situations. InfinityBound, Available eBook edition.