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On this wys carpys the brycht Appollo, And in the myddis of hys fermond tho He vanyft far away, I wait neuer quhar, Furth of this mortal fycht in the fchire ayr. Tharfor thai haue withdraw furth of that place Afcanyus, at brycht Phebus mychty charge, 20 And wald no langar thoill hym go at large, All thocht to feght he had defyre and joy ; Hame to hys innys dyd thai hym convoy : Syne to the bargane hes thame fped agane, In oppyn perrellys, dangeris, and all pane, 25 Thar perfonys and thar lyvys for thar town OfFerand, and for defens maid thame bown.

Quhou Pandarus and Bitias, brethir twane, Kefl vp the gettis, and tfiar was Bytiasjlane. Endlang the wallys kyrnellys euery ftand, The bruyt and clamour rays fra hand to hand ; Thar buftuus bowys keynly do thai bend, Scharp querrellis and caftyng dartis furth fend, 5 Quhilk thai with lyamys and thwangis lang owt threw ; Sa thik the gangeis and the flanys flew, That of fchaftis and takillys all the feildis War ftrowit, and the large planys ourheldis.

On bos helmys and fcheldis the weirly fchote 10 Maid rap for rap, reboundand with ilk Hot. Pandarus and Bytias, twa brethir germane, By Alcanor engendryt, that Troiane, Quham Hybera, the wild forefteres knaw, Bred and vpbrocht in Jovys haly fchaw,. And thai within ftude by the get, that tyde, Quhilk oppin was on the rycht and left fyde, As thai had towris beyn baith gret and fquar, Enarniyt with thar wapynnys brycht and bair, 15 The hie tyinbrettis of thar helmys fchane : Lyke to behald as buftuus akis twane Befyde the beyn ryver Athefys grow, Or flowand fludis bankis of the Pow, Vpftrekand thar byg croppys to the ayr, 20 And onfned branchis wavand heir and thar.

Alflwith as the Rutylianys dyd fe The get oppyn, thai rufch to the entre : Quercens formaft, and Equycoly, A lufty knycht in armys rycht femly, 25 Wight Tynarus, fers myndyt to afiaill, And bald Hemon, with curage marcyall. Bot thai with all thar complicis in fyght War dung abak, and conftrenyt tak flyght, By Troiane rowtis, or than in that ftryfe 30 Quha that abaid loft in the port thar lyfe. A mefiynger to Turnus come that tyde, That wondir ferfly at ane othir fyde The town affalgeis ; and thar he til hym fchew 10 Quhat hait flauchter hys fays maid of new, And fik a port had all wyde oppyn fet.

Hys firft purpos he left, and to that get, With felloun ire movit, furth fprent he tho, Towart the Troianys and prowd brethir two : is And firft lies flane byg Antyphates, That him on cace met formeft in the pres, Son to the buftuus nobill Sarpedon, In purches get a Theban wench apon : Hym fmate he down with the caft of a dart ; 20 The fleand fchaft Italian to his hart Glydand, throw owt the fchire ayr dufchit lone, The ftomok perfyt, and in the coft is done.

The how cavern of his wond a flude Furth brufchit of the blaknyt dedly blude ; 25 So deip the grundyn fteill hed owt of fycht is, Ful hait and warm it feftnyt in his lychtis. Syne Meropes and Erymanthus he And Aphydnus flew with his hand al thre ; And eftir that, with a ftern mynd full teyn, 30 Slew Bytias, for al his glowrand eyn :. At this tyme Mars, the God armypotent, Ekyt the Latynys fors and hardyment, With felloun ire prikland fo thar myndis, "0 That as hym lyft he turnys fo and wyndis ;. The Latyn pepill flokkis on euery fyde Quhen thai beheld the port fa oppynyt wyde, Seand thai had a rowm to fecht at will ; The God of ftryfe that curage fteris tliartill.

Quhou Turnus the byg PandarusJ mat doun, Lyke a wod lyoun pafl within the town. Pandarus, feand hys brotheris corps at erd, And on quhat wys thus fortune with thame ferd, And quhou the chance of batale geid al wrang, 10 Full forcyly with hys braid fchuldris ftrang. He thriftis to the levys of the get, And clofyt queym the entre, and furth 1 chet Without the port a gret fort of hys feris, In hard bargane amyd the mortal weris ; 15 And of hys ennemys fum inclofyt he, Reflavand all at thrang to the entre.

A fuyll he was, and wytles in a thyng, Perfauyt not Turnus, Rutilian kyng, So violently thryng in at the get ; 20 Quham he onwar within the cite fchet, Lyke as ane rageand wild tyger onftabill Amang the febill beftis onfenfabill. All fuddanly, affrayit Eneadanys Hys face onfrendly perfauit and byg banys. The hydduus Pandarus than hym felf furth fchew, 1 That wonder fervent in hys furour grew, Hys broderis flauchter to revenge in will, Thus aufternly he fpekis Turnus ontill : Thys is not queyn Amatais cheif cite, Suld the be geif into dowry, faid he ; 1.

Turnus agane, with curage blyth and glaid, Nocht abafyt, ful baldly to hym faid : My frend, begyn, gif thou hes hardyment, And mach with me allone apon this bent ; And hand for hand, gif at it be thy will, Thou fal fchaw Pryam heir thou hes fund Achill. And with that word, ftandand on hys typtays, Hevyng hys fwerd, heich hys hand dyd rays ; Down with the dynt dufchit the fteil blaid keyn 10 Amyd hys forhed, hard betwix hys eyn, Hys berdles chekis or hys chaftis rownd In fondyr fchorn hes with a gryfly wound : Sa felloun fownd or clap maid this gret clafche, That of hys huge weght, fell with a rafche, 15 The erd dyndlyt, and all the cite fchuke.

So large feild hys gowfty body tuke, That fer onbreid ourfpred was all the plane, Hys armour fparkyt with hys blude and brane : Baith to and fra, apon hys fchuldris tway, 20 Hys hed clovyn in equale halfis lay. Of dreidfull raddour trymlyng for affray, The Troianys fled right fail and brak away : And gif Turnus had than incontinent Ramembryt hym, and kauch in mynd to rent 25 The lokkis vp, and oppyn the gettis wyde, So that hys feris without the port that tyde Mycht haue entryt, and cummyn in the cite, The laft day of the batale that had be, And latter finale end to the remanys 30 Of Phrigiane folkis and pepil Troianys.

Syne ane Hales onto the corpfis tied In cumpany he ekyt in that fted ; And Phegeas doun brytnys in the feld, Spetit throw owt the body and hys fcheld ; 15 Alchandrus fyne, and the prowd Halyus, Nemonas eik, and keyn Prytanyus, Quhilkis myfknew Turnus was within the wall, And to the bargan dyd thar feris call, Apon the grund onon al ded he layd, 2o In bargan full expert : fyne dyd invaid With fchynand fwerd, hard at the dykis fyde, Ane Lynceus, the quhilk the fammyn tyde Refiftys, as he myght, with fell afferis, And eftir help cryis apon hys feris ; 25 Bot with a ftrake he fmate hys nek in twa, Baith helm and hed flaw far the body fra.

And, eftir thir, ane Amycus he flew, That bayn had beyn to wild beftis enew ; Was nane other mair happy nor expert 30 To graith and til invnft a caftyng dart. By Turnus handis the ilk tyme done to ded is Eolus fon, hait Clytius, the heynd, And Creteus alfo, was the Mufys frend ; 5 Creteus, poet to Mufys famyliar, That in hys mynd and breift all tymys bar Sangis and geftis, mufyk and harpyng ; Apon hys ftryngis playd he mony a fpryng, Lays and rymys on the beft awys, 10 And euermar hys maner and his gys Was forto fyng, blafon, and difcryve, Men and ftedis, knychthed, wer, and ftryve.

The Troianys fet on Turnus dyntis rude, Quhill at he fled, and lap into theflude. At laft Mneftheus and ftrang Sereftus, The Troiane capitanys, herand quhow that thus 1 5 Thar pepill flane war doun, dyd convene ; Thar feris fleand pail and wan haue thai fene, And thar cheif ennemy clofyt in thar wallys. Mneftheus on thame clepys thus and callys : Quhar ettill ghe to fra hyne? Quhar haue ge other ftrenth or forteres?

O citefanys, behaldis heir expres. O inafle onworthy cowartis, ful of flewth, Of gour onfelly cuntre haue glie na rewth, Nor piete of gour ancyent Goddis kynd? The Troianys by fik wordis as he faid In enrage grew, and fermly all abaid, 15 Abowt thar faman flokkand in a rowt. Tunms a litil, thocht he was ftern and ftowt, Begouth frawart the bargane to withdraw, And fattil towartis the ryveris fyde alaw, Ay peys and peys, to that part of the tovn 20 Was clofyt with the ryver, rynnand dovn.

Troianys, that feand, the mar apertly Afialgeit hym with mony fchowt and cry, And thikkyt fail abowt hym inveroun. As quhen abowt the awfull wild lyoun, 25 With thar invafibill wapynnys fcharp and fquar, Ane multitude of men bilappyt war ; And he full fers, with thrawin wit, in the itart, Seand the fcharp poyntis, recullys bakwart : Bot, forto gif the bak, and fle away, so Nowder hys greif nor curage fuffir may ;.

Nane other wys Turnus, at fik a neid, 5 Steppys abak with huly pays full ftill, Hys mynd fcaldand in greif and egir will : And forthir eik amyd hys fays he Twys rufchit in, and fchuddrit the melle ; And twys alfo that onrebutit knycht 10 Endlang the wallys put thame to the flycht. Bot al togidder, intyll ane convyne, Apon hym haill the town afiemlyt fyne, Nor Saturnus get, Juno, in that fyght Agane thame durft him minifter ftrenth nor mycht ; is For Jupiter had from the hevynnys fair Send dovn Iris, quhilk dwellis in the ayr, Onto hys fpous and fifter thar at hand Ful fcharp chargis bryngis and command, Les than Turnus, quhou evir the chance befallis, 20 Withdrew hym fra the fatale Troiane wallys : Quharthrow this valgeand campioun gong and keyu Nowder with his fcheild fa mekil mycht futtene, Nor fie defens mak with his hand, as ayr.

With dartis at him fwakkit heir and thar 25 On fik wys is he quhelmyt and confundyt, That euer in ane hys bos helm rang and foundyt, Clynkand abowt hys halfheddis with a dyn : Hys fovir armour, ftrang, and na thyng thyn, Is brokkyn and byrfyt with feill ftonys caft ; so So thik war dyntis, and ftrakis fmyt fo faft,. Our all hys body furth get the fwait thik, Lyke to the trynland blak ftremys of pyk ; Ne gat he lafer anys hys aynd to draw : i o The febillit brath ful faft can beit and blaw Amyd hys wery breift and lymmys lafch.

Than at the laft, al fuddanly, with a plafch, Harnes and al togiddir, quhar he ftude, Him felf he fwakkis and lap into the flude. He plafmatour of thingis vniuerfall, Thou renewar of kynd, that creat all, Incomprehenfibill thy warkis ar to confave, Quhilk grantyt hes to every wight to haue s Quhat thing maft ganys onto hys governall.

Quhou mervellus beyn divifions of thy gracis, Diftribut fo to ilk thing in all placis! The ion to fchyne our all, and fchaw hys lyght, The day to laubour, for reft thou ordanyt nycht ; 10 For diuers caufys fchupe feir fefibnys and fpacis. Frefch veir to burgioun herbys and fweit flowris ; The hait fymmyr to nurys corn all howris, And breid all kynd of fowlys, fyfch, and befte ; Hervift to rendir hys frutis mafte and lefte ; 15 Wyntir to fnyb the erth with frofty fchowris. Not at thou nedyt ocht, all thyng thou wrocht, Bot to that fyne thou maid all thing of nocht, Of thy gudnes tobe participant ; Thy Godhed na rychar, nor git mar fkant, 20 Nowthir now nor then, fet thou ws wrocht and bocht.

Set our natur God hes to hym vnyte, Hys Godhed incommixt remanys perfyte, The fon of God havand verray naturis twane In a perfon, and thre perfonys all ane 10 In deite, natur, maiefte, and delyte. The Son the felf thing with the Fader is ; The felf fubftans the Haly Gaift, I wys, Is with thame baith ; thre diftinft peribnage, Ar, war, and be fall, euer of ane age, is Omnipotent, a Lord, equale in blys. Quhilk fouerane fubftans, in gre fuperlatyve, Na cunnyng comprehend may nor difcryve ; Nowther generis, generat is, nor doith proceid, Allane begynnar of euery thing, but dreid, 20 And in the felf remanys etern on lyve.

The Fader, of nane generat, creat, ne boir, Hys only Son engendris evirmor ; Not makis, creatis, bot engendris all way Of hys fubftans ; and all tyme of baith twa 25 Procedis the Haly Gaift, equal in glor. The Fader knawys hym felf, quhilk knawlege fpredis Be generatioun etern, that evir bredis Hys Son, hys word and wyfdom eternall : Betwix thir twa is luf perpetuall, 10 Quhilk is the Haly Gaift, fra baith procedis. Not at the Faderis natur mynyft is, Of hys fubftans he generis his Son in blys ; Ne fo the Son of hys kynd is ybor, That he a part hes tharof, and na mor ; 15 Bot all he gevys hys Son, and all is hys.

The ilk thing he hym gevis, that he remanys : Thys fyngill fubftans indifferently thus ganys To thre in ane, and ilk ane of the thre The fammyn thing is in a maiefte, 20 Thocht thir perfonys be feuerall in thre granys. Lyke as the fawle of man is ane, we wait, Havand thre poweris diftinft, and feparate, Vnderftandyng, rayfon, and memor : Intelligens confideris the thing befor, 25 Rayfon difcernys, memor kepis the confait.

We may tak als ane other fimylytude, Grofly the fammyn purpos to conclud ; 5 Flame, lycht, and hait, bene in a fyre we fe. Quhar euer the low is, lycht and heit bene thar And had the fyre bene byrnand euermar, Evyr fuld the flambe engendrit haue hys lyght, And of the byrnand low the flambys brycht 10 Perpetualy fuld heit haue fprung alquhar.

Thus rude exemplys and figuris may we geif ; Thocht, God by hys awin creaturis to preif, 1 5 War mar onliknes than liknes to difcern. Frend, farly nocht, na caus is to complene Albeit thy wyt gret God may nocht attene ; For, mycht thou comprehend be thyne engyne The maift excellent maiefte dyvyne, 20 He mycht be reput a pretty God and meyn.

Lord, thy ways beyn inveftigabill! Sweit Lord, thy felf is fa ineftimabill, 1 can write nocht bot wondris of thy mycht, That lawyt fa far thy maiefte and hyght 10 Tobe born man intill ane oxis ftabill. Thow tuke mankynd of ane onwemmyt maid, Inclofyt within a virginis bofum glaid, Quham all the hevynnys mycht nevir comprehend ; Angellis, fcheiphyrdis, and kyngis thy Godheid kend, lo Set thou in oryb betwix twa beftis was laid.

Quhat infynyte excellent hie bonte Abufe thy warkis all, in wonderfull gre! Lord, quhen thou man wrocht to thyne awyn ymage, That tynt him felf throu hys fulych dotage, 20 Thou man becam, and deit to mak hym fre. Maid thou not man firft prefident vnder the, To dant the beftis, fowlys, and fyfch in fee, Subdewit to him the erth, and all tharin ; Syne paradice grantit hym and all his kyn, 25 Gave him fre will, and power nevir to dee?

Bitter was that fruyt for his offpryng, and fey, 5 Maid deth onknawin be fund, and lyfe go hens. O thyne ineftimabill luf and cheryte! Becam a thrall to mak ws bondis fre, To quykkyn thy fclavys tholyt fchamfull ded mafte fell. Bliflyt be thou virginal frute, that hereit hell, 10 And pait the pryce of the forbodin tre!

Thocht thou large ftremys fched apon the rude, A drop had bene fufficient of thy blude A thoufand warldis to haue redemyt, I grant ; Bot thou the well of mercy wald nocht fkant, 15 Ws to provoik to lufe the, and be gude. Our all this fyne, thyne infynyte Godhed, Thy flefch and blude in form of wyne and bred, Tobe our fuyd of grace, in plege of glor, Thou heft ws geif, in perpetuall memor 20 Of thy paffioun and dolorus paynfull ded. Quhat thankis dew or gangeld, Lord benyng, May I, maift wracht fynfull catyve indyng, Rendir for this fouerane peirles hie bonte?

Sen body, faule, and all, I haue of the, 25 Thou art my pryce, mak me thy praye condyng. From the begynnyng and end be of my mufe : All other Jove and Phebus I refus. Lat Virgill hald hys mawmentis to him felf ; I wirfchip nowder ydoll, ftok, nor elf, 10 Thocht furth I write fo as myne autour dois. Is nane bot thou, the Fader of Goddis and men, Omnipotent eternal Jove I ken ; Only the, helply Fader, thar is nane other : I compt not of thir paygane Goddis a fudder, 15 Quhais power may nocht help a haltand hen.

The fcripture clepys the God, of Goddis Lord ; For quha thy mandat kepys in ane accord Bene ane with the, not in fubftans, bot grace, And we our Fader the clepys in euery place : 20 Mak ws thy fonnys in cherite, but difcord. Quhou Jupiter the court ofgoddis dyd call, And Venus makis complaynt amangis ihamc all. On breid, or this, was warp and maid patent The hevynly hald of God omnipotent.

The kyng of men and fader of goddis all Ane confale or a feffioun maid do call,. O hevynly wightis, of gret power and mycht, Quhou is betyd gour myndis bene fa lycht, i. My will was not at the Italianys In batale fuld concur contrar Troianys. Or hes fie wys perfuadyt to bargane, i o With bludy wapynnys rent, and mony f lane? Haift not the leflbn to provoke nor prevene ; Of batale cum fal detfull tyme bedene, Heireftir, quhen the fers burgh of Cartage To Romys boundis, in thar feirfull rage, i.

Now of fie thingis leif and defift ; with me 20 Glaidly do makis frendly amyte. A few wordis on this wys Jupiter faid ; Bot not in quhoyn wordis him anfwer maid The frefch goldyn Venus : O thou, quod fclu1 , Fader of all, O eternal powfte, 25 Regnand abufe all men, and Goddis eik, To the I cum, the rcwthfully befeik, Sen thar nane other maiefte bene, ne glor, That in fik neid may help ws to implor.

Thow feys quhou, with boil and felloun feir, 30 The Rutilianys makis gret derray and fteir :. Quhidder gif that thou lift tuffir neuermar Thar fege fcalit, nor thame fre of dangar? Behald agane abowt new Troys wall, 3it bot begyn to byg, and not clos all, 1 5 Quhou inveroun mufteris thar ennemyis : Ane other oft and fege abowt thame lyis, And newly, lo, Tedeus fon, not far From Arpos cite into Calabar, To wery Troianys movis, Diomed.

Gyf the Troianys, but thy benevolens, Or repugnant to thy magniticens, 25 Hes focht onto the coft of Italy, Lat thame be punyft and thar cryme aby ; And I fall fuythly ftand content for me, Thou mak thame na kynd help nor git fupple. Bot gif thai followit haue for thar behufe 30 Sa feill refponfis of the Goddis abufe, 4 F. Quhat nedis to rehers, quhou on the coft Of Scycilly thar fchippis brynt war loft? Or quharto fuld I dwel, to fchaw gou thus, 10 Quhou be the God of tempeft, Eolus, The rageand wyndis fend war our alquhar, Or Iris catchit throw clowdis of the ayr?

Na thyng I paus on the empyre, quod t che, 20 Allthocht we hoip had at fie thing fuld be, Quhen fortoun fchew tharof fum apperans : Lat thame be viftour quham thou lyft avans. And gif na realm in this warld remanys, Quhom thy ftern fpous lift geif to the Troianys, L 5 I the befeik of Troy by the rewyne, By that fubuerfioun rekand, and huge pyne, Suffyr that gyng Afcanyus mot be Salf fra all wapynnys, and of perrell fre ; And, at the left, in this ilk mortall ftryve 30 Suffir thy nevo to remane alyve. I haue in Cipyr the cite Amathus, 10 And the hie ftandand burgh that hayt Paphus, And eik the ille yclepyt Cythera, The hallowyt hald als of Idalya, Quhar, rendryt vp all armys in that ftede, Duryng hys age he fobir lyfe may led.

Quhat proffit has it done, or avantage, 20 Of Troys batale to haue efchape the rage, And throw amyd the Grekis fyrys eik Haue fled away, and throw the fey haue feik, Sa feill dangeris bywent and ourdryve Our ftreym and landis ; gyf that thus belyve 25 Troianys hes focht till Itaill, to vpfet New Troys wallys, tobe agane doun bet? Had not bene bettir thame in thar natyve hauld Had fyttin ftill amang the aflys cauld, And lattyr ifillys of thar kynd cuntre, so Or barrand foyll quhar Troy was wont tobe,. Reftor, I pray the, to thai wrachit wightis Xanthus and Symoes, fludis quhilk of rychtis Was wont tobe thar propyr herytage : O fader, fuffir the fey Troiane barnage To feik agane quhat hard myfchance befallys To Troy or Ilion with thar brokyn wallys.

To Venus complaynt Junofra end till end Maid hafly anfuer, hir akioun to defend. The queyn Juno than, but mair abayd, to Prykkyt with felloun fury thus furthbrayd : Quhy doys thou, faid fcho, to me fik offens, Conftrenyng me brek clos profund fylens, And with thy wordis, quhar ayr I was koy, Prouokis to publys and fchaw myne hyd ennoy? I geif the cace, to Italy focht he 20 Of the fatys by the autoryte, Provokyt tharto be the wyld dotage Of wod CaflTandra in hir fury rage :. Lat fe gyf we, how evir the chance befallys, Perfuadyt hym forto commove and fteir 10 Other quyet pepill with hym to rays the weir, Or till adione vp frendfchip and ally With Tyrrhene pepill and folk of Tufcany?

Quhat God amovit hym with fie a gawd In hys dedis to oys fik flyght and frawd, is Or quhilk of our hard poweris wrocht fie thyng? Quhar was Juno with all, this lady gyng? Or quhar was fche alfo quhen, giftir nycht, Irys was fend down throu the clowdis brycht l. Is this a thing full onlefum, but let, 20 Thocht Italianys with flambys ombefet The new cite of Troy vpryfand, lo? And is it not full gret difpyt alfo That, in hys natyve land and faderis ryng, Turnus remane, or pretend tobe kyng, 25 Quhamto the God Pylumnus grandfchir is, And haly nymphe Venylia moder, I wys?

From otheris to withdraw fa thyftuufly Thar eldfaderis and maift tendyr ally, 5 Or, from betwix thar breift and armys tway, Thar treutht plyght fpowfys forto reif away? To cum and befeik trewys in ftrange landis, With fyng or takyn of paix born in thar handis ; And, netheles, to mak reddy for weir, 10 Purvay thar fchippis, provide armour and geir? To falf Enc, hes thou not power and mycht From Grekis handis hym to withdraw be flycht, And fet in fled of that man, light as lynd, Owder a clowd or a waift puft of wynd?

Thy fon Ene, myfknawyng this deray, 20 As thou allegis, is abfent now away : And quhat iniurys, abfent mot he remane, And ignorant for ay of this bargane? Thow has Paphos, thyne is Idalia, And thyne mot be the ile of Cithera : 25 Sen thou hes all thir at command and will, Lat other folkis in paix and reft dwell ftyll. Quharto affalzeis thou a ftrang cite, That hes bene oft exercyt in melle, And lyft invaid pepill with hartis kene?

Quhidder was it we, or than Parys, that faltyt, That wrachit Troianys by Grekis war affaltit? Was I not governour and cheif ledar thar, 10 The tyme quhen that the Troiane adulterar Ombefegyt the cite of Spartha, And the queyn Heleyn reft and brocht awa? Or quhidder gif I evir into that weir Mynyfterit dartis, wapynnys, or fie geir? Than had bene honeft tyme, and ganand baith, Till haue previdit for thy frendis ikaith : Now, al to layt, with thyne iniuft complantis 20 Aganyft ws thou ryfis, and attantis Forto warp owt thy vane wordis chydyng, Quhilk certis may avale the in na thing.

With ficlyke wordis Juno fra end to end Gan hir querrell fuftene and als defend ; 25 And all the hevynly wightis dyd quhyfpir and rown, In opynyonys full diuers, vp and down : Lyke as firft, or wyndis blaft be perfave, The fwouch is hard within the woddis waif, With frafyng foundis quhifland, git onknaw so Quharof cumis this bruyt owt throw the fcliaw ;. The Fader than omnipotent maift hie, That our all thingis hes fouerane maiefte, 5 Begouth to fay ; and, qulien he fpak, all ceflyt : The hevynly heich hows of Goddis was pecyt ; The erthis grund fchuke trymlyng for feir, And ftill, but movyng, ftud the hevynys cleir ; The wyndis eik thar blaflis lowynt fone ; 10 The fey calmyt hys fludis playn abone.

Reffaue, quod he, my fawis, and tak tent, And thir my wordis within gour myndis emprent. Sen that algatis git may not fufferit be Latynys confidir with Troianys and Ene, 1 5 Nor ge can nocht mak end of gour debait, I fall me hald indifferent, the meyn gait, And as for that, put na diuerfyte Quhiddir fo Italianys or Troianys thai be ; Quhow evir this day the fortoun with thame ftandis, 20 Bruke weill thar chance and werd on athir handis, Lat ich of thame hys hoip and fortoun few : Quhidder fo the fatys hes determyt of new Troianys tobe affegit with Italianys To thar myfcheif, or wraik of the Troianys, 2.

Lat athir of thame thar awin fortoun Hand by, And bruke thar wark thai haue begun ; but fail! And with that word, fortill hald ferm and ftabill Hys godly aith and promys fworn hes he, Be Stix the flude, Pluto hys broderis fee, 5 Be that ilk pykky layk with brays blak, And laithly golf, to kepe all that he fpak ; And, til afferm hys aith, at hys lykyng The hevynnys all maid trymbill, for a fyng.

Thus endit was the confale, and al doyn, 10 And Jupiter rays fra hys goldyn troyn : Quham hevynly wightis amyddis thame with joy Ontill hys chymmys ryall dyd convoy. Quhou the Troianys defendis tJiar cyte, Eneas abfentjekand mairjupple. Duryng this quhile, all the Rutilianys ftowt The cite portis lappit rownd ebowt, is Forto down bet the Troianys, euery fyre, Inveroun all the wallys with hait fyre.

Eneas barnage, at myfchefis huge Thus ombefet, and fegyt but refuge, Inclufyt war but hop to wyn away, 20 And fobyrly at defens, as thai may, On the hie towris hedis ftud on raw : Ful thyn the cirkyllys of the wallys law 4 G. Ane Agmon of Lyrnefya faft tharby i o Prefys with all the fors in hys body A felloun ftone to welt the wallys tyll, Quhilk feniyt be a gret part of a hyll ; Na les of ftatur than hys fader Clytyus Was he, nor ellys hys brother -Mneftheus. The Dardane child, the gyng Afcanyus, 2 i Principall thocht and cuyr of Dame Venus, Amyd the rowtis, in covert quhar he geid, Thar mycht be feyn in hys frefch luftyhed, Lyke as ane gem, with hys brycht hew fchynyng, Departis the gold fet amydwart the ryng, 2.

Reddy at hand was Mneftheus wight, Quham the renowne of this giftir nycht, 15 For that he Turnus our the dychys drave, Full prowd maid in hys curage our the laif : With hym was Capys thar alflb, quham by The town Capua is namyt in Champany. Thus ather party into hard barganyng 20 Stude at debait, quhill Eneas the kyng, With all hys ferys, baith day and mydnycht Slydis throw owt the fait famys lyght.

For eftir that fra kyng Evander he Departit was, as heir abufe faid we, 25 And entrit in amyd the Tufcane tentis, The kyng he foeht, and tald hym hys ententis, Hys name to hym reherfyng, and hys blude ; And hys defyre, fully to conclude, Hes fchawyn planely, twychand quhat he ibcht, 30 And quhat fupple alflb with hym he brocht ;. Thar was na mair delay, bot Tarchon kyng 10 Al reddy was to fulfyll hys lykyng, With moblys and all ryches at command, And vp gan knyt thar fordward and cunnand Of amyte and perpetuall ally : Than of the fatys fre, in thar navy, 15 At command of the Goddis, pepill Tufcane Ar entrit in thar fchyppys euerilkane, Submytting thame ontill a ftrange duke.

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Eneas barge than furth the vayage tuke Befor the laif, as almeral of the note, 20 And in hir ftevyn kervyn full weil, God wot, The lyonys that the Phrygyane armys bene ; Abufe the quhilkis porturat fair and greyn Was Ida foreft, to fugytyve Troianys Thar bell belovyt wod and natyve wanys. Heir comptis Virgitt the pepil of Tufcane, Quhilkis with Eneas com to the bargane.

Fyrft, prynce Mafiycus cummys with hys rowt, Into hys barge Tygrys, with ftelyt fnowt, 15 Sowchand throw owt the fludis quhar fcho went, A thowfand ftowt gong men of hys talent Vndir hym ledyng, for the batale bown, From Clufyum com vmquhile, that nobell town, And fra the Tufcane cite of Cofa ; 20 Baith caftyng dartis and flanys vfyt tha, With arrow cafys and other quavyrris lycht, And mortal bowys buklyt for the fyght.

The thryd capitane, worthy Afylas, Of Goddis eik and men interpretur, Of euery fpayng craft that knew the cuyr, 15 Quhat the hart pypis and beftis entralys ment, Quhat fignyfeit the ftarnys, quhar thai went Thar ryclit curds abufe the hevynnys hie, And euery byrdis vocis weil knew he, And quhat betaknyt, fchynnyng from the hevyn, 20 Thyr fyry blaftis, or this thundris levyn ; A thoufand men aflemlyt with hym ledis, With awful fperis and fcharp grundyn hedis : Quham the Hetrufcane cite, Pyfa gude, Inhabyt firft from Alpheus that flude, 25 Send tyll obey hym as thar capitane.

Syne followys Aftur, the femlyaft of ane, Aftur, maift fovyr horfman forto feik, Of variant cullour was hys armour eik ; Thre hundreth walyt men with hym he led. Suld I the pretermyt, fen thou was thar? I meyn the, Cygnus, of Lygurianys 10 The cheif ledar, amang other capitanys Ane the maift forcy into batal fled. Ne wil I not forget, fuld I be ded, The, ftrang Cupauus, with thy few nienge, Fra quhais tymbret ryfys apon hie 15 The lufty fwannys fedrame, brycht and Icheyii : The crymc and caws of all gour woful teyn Was luf and amouris, or pompus array Schrowd in gour faderis connyfans al to gay.

For, as thai tell, quhil dolorufly Cygnus 20 Maid hys complant amang the fcroggy bus Of poppill tre branfchis lang and fquar, Quharin the twa fyfteris tranfformyt war, And gan bewail Phaeton, hys beft belovyt ; Quhil that he fang and playt, as hym behwyt, 25 The dolly tonys and lays lamentabill, With fie regrate to comfort and aftabill Hys hevy amorus thochtis ennoyus, In quhite canos foft plumys joyus Became ourheld, in lyknes of a fwan, 30 And led hys age na mar furth lyke a man,. Hys fon, this tyde, havand hys fallofchippys Diftribut equaly into fyndry fehippys, 5 Amang the navy and the flote at large, With ayris rollys furth hys buftuus barge, Clepyt Centaurus, and ithandly fyne he Dryvys throu fludis of the ftormy fee : Byg of ftatur ftude he lyke to feght, 10 Bofland the ftreme -with ballaft of huge weght, And with hys lang and lufty ballyngar Ourflydis the deip fludis in thar fair.

The nobill Ocnus from hys natyve land A fair army affemlyt brocht at hand, 15 Son of God Tibris, the Tufcane ryver, Beget apon Manthus the lady cleir, That was baith nymphe and famus prophetes : Thys Ocnus was the ilk man quhilk expres Of Mantua the cite dyd he wall, 20 And eftir hys faid moderis name can call Mantua, myghty of aid ancyftry And forfaderis : bot hys geneology Was not of ane kynrent cummyn all ; For that town had thre clannys principall, 25 And, vnder euery clan or trybe of tha, War other fobyr famyllis twys twa : Mantua eik was cheif and principal lied Till all thir pepill wonnyng in that fted, Takand thar fors and hardyment ilkane 30 From the lynage and nobill blude Tufcane.

Furth held the ftowt and degeft Auleftes, 10 Quhilk with gret ftrenth of rovvaris in that pres, Rafyng thame on thar thoftis for the nanys, The fludis fmate with hundreth arys at anys, Quhil that the famy ftowr of ftremys le Vp weltis from the braid palmys of tre. Sa mony walyt capitanys, nobill men, In help of new Troy, with fchippys thrys ten, Slydis throw the fait ftremys of the fee 30 With ftelyt ftevynnys and bowand bylge of tre. Eneas fchippis, tranflait in Nymphis offee, Told hym quhou Turnus affegit the cyte.

Be this declynyt was the days lyght ; The moyn intill hyr waverand cart of nycht Held rollyng throw the hewynnys myddil ward ; As Eneas, the Troiane prynce and lard, 5 For thochtis mycht na wys hys membris reft, Sa mony curys in hys mynd he keft, Bot fat in proper perfon, and nane other, To fteir hys carvell and to rewle the ruther, And forto gyde the falys takand tent. Amangis quham, in fpeche the maift expert, Cymodocea to the wail aftert,. We beyn thy navy and thy flote, quod fche, Bowyt fum tyme of fyr and bych tre, Grew in the haly top of mont Ida, And now, as prefent thou behald ws may, 15 Nymphes we beyn, and falbe euermor.

For, as gon faithles Turnus by the fchor Invadyt ws with glavys and with fyre, On fors conflrenyt for the flambys fchire, Thy cabillys we in fundyr brak in haift, 20 To feik the throw the fey, as we war chaill : And than the moder of Goddis, Cybele, Havand of ws compaffioun and piete, In this figour has ws all tranflait, For euermar to be deificat, 25 As Goddeflys, quhar fo ws lykis beft, Amangis the fludis forto leif and left.

Bot thy deir child, gyng Afcanyus ftowt, Befegyt is, and clofyt rownd abowt With wallys, fowcy, and trynfchis, ather lyde, 30 Amyd dartis or quarrellys faft doys glyde,. Evandrus horfmen, clepyt Arcadanys, Mydlyt fammyn with Hetrurianys, 5 Quham in tliy help thou fendis by the land, Thai placis now, quhar as thou gaue command, Can occupy, abydand thy cummyng : Bot Turnus hes determyt, as certane thing, Gret garnyfonys to fend betwix thame fone, 10 That gour hoftis fall not togidder joyn.

Get vp, haue done, and fone in the mornyng, Alflwyth as the brycht day begynnys to fpryng, Thy ferys haill thou fyrft to harnes call, And with thy fcheild invynlibill tharwithall 1 5 Thy felvyn fchrowd, quham mychty God of fyre To the, as ane maift fouerane lord and fyre, Has wrocht and gevyn, and with gold fa brycht The bordouris has ourgylt and forgit at rycht. Gyf thou belevys not my fawys invayn, 20 The lyght of day to morn, I fchaw the playn, Huge hepys fal behald in feld dung down Of Rutilianys by fell occifioun.

Thus faid fche ; and, departand with a ikyp, By hir rycht hand fche fchowys furth the fchyp, 25 As fcho that was in that craft rycht expert ; And throw the wallys on the tother part Glydys away undir the fomy feys, Als fwyft as gange or feddyrrit arrow fleys, That ftryvys forto pyngill with the wynd : 30 The remanent hir followys faft behynd. O blyffyt moder of the Goddis, quod he, That hallowyt art in the montane Ide, Quhamto the toppys of mont Dyndymane, 10 And eik the towryt citeis mony ane, With renyt lyonys gokkyt to the char, Ful tendyr bene and hartly euermar ; Be thou in batall now my prefident, Be my proteftrix, dewly takand tent 15 At this orakyll be haftyt to our weill; O haly Goddes, with happy fute of feill Cum and affiftis to thyne awyn Troianys.

No mor he fpak, bot, with that word atanys, In the meyn quhile vpfpryngis the brycht day, 20 Chafand the clowdis of the nycht away. And fyrft Eneas gan hys ferys command Thar baneris to difplayt and follow at hand, Thar curage eik and curace to addres, And graith thame for the batail all expres. The hoip of hys returnyng halt as fyre Dowblyt thar curage, and vprafyt thar ire, 5 That with thar handis faft thai dartis flyng, With fie a dyn of clamour and crying, And trumpys blaft rafyt within the town Sik maner bruyt, as thocht men hard the Ibvn Of crannys crowplyng, fleand in the ayr 10 With fpedy fard in randoun heir and thar; As from the flude of Trace, bait Strymone, Vndre the dyrk clowdis, oft we fe, Thai fle the weddris blaft and rak of wynd, Thar glaidfum foundis followand thame behynd.

The creift or fchynand tymbret, that was let Abufe Eneas helm and top on hyght, Keft byrnand flambys with a glytterand lycht ; 25 And eyk the goldyn boys of hys bukleir Large fyry ftremys on breid fchew fair and cleir Lyke as the comete ftern fanguynolent, With hys red cullour tryft and violent, Schynys fum tyme apoun the donk nycht ; 30 Or frawart Syrius, that fervent ftar brycht,. Bot Turnus hardy flalwart hie curage, For all this feir, demynyft nevir a ftage, Quhilk manfully fchup thame to withftand 10 At the coft fyde, and dyng thame of the land, That on na wys thar thai fuld arryve ; And with glaid femlant gan his folk belyve Exortyng forto rays thar fpretis on hie, And with hys wordis forthirmar eik he 1 5 Gan thame repreif of thar fa hafty feir.

Now euery man ramembir on his fpows, Thynk on thar natyve land and dwellyng hows : Reduce ge now onto gour mynd, ilkane, The worthy aftis of gour eldris bygane, 25 Thar lovabyll fame, and gour awyn renowne ; And lat ws formeft haift ws to the fee, And thar recontyr our fays, or thai land, Quhill as thai firft fet fut apon the fand, With flyde to cummyn, half deil in effray, 30 Or thai thar fut fteppis ferm, and tak array. Thus faid he ; and tharwith in hys thocht Devyfis quham maift ganandly he mocht Led with hym, to refift and meit his fays, Or quham he fuld not from the fege vprays, Bot ftyll remane to ferm and clos the town, The wallys and the trynfchis enveroun.

In the meyn fefibn, the Troiane Ene 10 Begouth hys folkis from thar fchippis hie On bryggis and on plankis fet on land : Mony abaid the ebbyng of the fand, Quhill the fwarf fard wallys abak dyd draw, Than in the fchaldis dyd thai leip on raw ; 15 And fum with ayris into coggis fmall Etlyt to land. But tho amang thame all The prynce Tarchon can the fchor behald, Thar as hym thocht fuldbe na fandis fchald, Nor git na land bryft lyppyrryng on the wallys, 20 Bot quhar the flude went ftyll, and calmyt all is But ftowr or bullyr, murmour or movyng ; Hys ftevynnys thydder fteryng gan the kyng,.

Fra Tarchon had thir wordis faid, but mair Hys feris ftartis ilk man till ane ayr. The ftowrand famy bargis dyd rebound, Inrowand faft towart the Latyn grond, 15 Quhyl that thar ftaramys tuke the bankis dry, And thar kelys ftak in the flyke faft by, But ony harm or danger, euery one.

Bot fa tyd not onto thy fchyp, Tarchon : For in the fchald fcho ftoppys, and dyd Hand 20 Apon a dry chyngill or bed of fand, A lang tyme all to fchakyng with the flude ; Quhill fynaly, thar rokkand as fcho ftude, To bryftis fcho, and ryvys all in fondyr, Warpyt the men amyd the faym thar vndir ; 25 The plankis, hechis, and mony brokyn ayr, That on the ftreym went flotand heir and thar, Maid to thar landing gret impediment, And flyddry glar fo from wallys went That oft thar feyt was fmyttyn vp on loft : 30 Bot finaly, all drowkyt and forwrocht, 4 I. Than na delay of fletith, nor feir, ne boft, Withheld Turnus, bot with hys haill armee Aganyft Troianys by the coft of the fee 5 He dyd array all fammyn in that ftound.

The tnmipettis blew thar bludy weirlyke fownd : And fyrft, in fyng of gud luk in the weris, Ene the rowtis of the lauboreris, Or rurall hufbandis, invadis and ourfet, 10 And hes the Latyn commonys haill doun bet, By flauchter fyrft of thar chiftane, Theron, Amang all otheris the biggaft man of one, Quhilk fet apon Eneas or he wyft : Bot he throw owt hys fyde hys fword hes thryft, i j Pcrfyt the ftalwart platit fcheild of fteill, And throw the fchynand hawbrek euery deill ; The giltyn mailgeis makis hym na fted, For in the coft he tholys dynt of ded.

Syne fmate he Lychas, and hym hes al to torn, 20 That of hys ded moderis waym was furth fchorn. And onto Phebus God was confecrait, And was fa chancy in hys gong eftait That he the fwerd efchapit by hys hap ; Bot not at this tyme fo the dedis clap. And thou alfo, the fey Greyk, Cydon, 10 Quhilk ftrangly luffyt thir gong childer ichone, As thou the gyng Clytius dyd perfew, Quhais gallow herd begouth to fpryng of new, And was alhaill thy new luft and defyre, Be the rycht hand of this ilk Troiane fyre 15 Thar had bene maid end of thy amouris greyn, And wrachitly had lyin ded, I weyn, War not the brethir of the clan Phorcanys Apon Eneas aflemblit all atanys : In numbyr fevyn thai war, and dartis fevin 20 Alfammyn thai keft, forcy as fyry levin ; Of quham fum dyd, but harm or other deir, Stot from hys fcheild, his hewmet, or lied geir ; And fum, that wald haue hyt hys corps in hy, Venus hys haly moder choppyt by.

Onto hym ftartis Alcanor, hys brothir, To beir hym vp, quhen that he faw hym fchuddir, With hys rycht arm, bot throw hys gardy fone in The grundyn lied and bludy fchaft ar done, Furth haldand the felf randoun as it went ; The ryght arm, from the fchulder al to rent, Apon the mankyt fennonys hyngis by, As impotent, quyte lamyt, and dedly. With this come Clawfus, full of vafialage, Confidand in hys gouth and florift age, The Curytanys with hym brocht in the pres, And with a lang ftyf fpeir ane Dryopes 25 Smate in the hals, vnder the chyn, fa fair That hym byreft was in the place rycht thar Baith voce and fpreit of lyfe ; and that na wondir ; For hys nek bayn and throte war carf in fondir, That doun he dufchys with a felloun rerd, 30 Quhil that hys forret rafchit on the erd,.

Thre otheris fyne this ilk Clawfus has lane, Born into Trace of the clan Boryane ; 5 And thre com fra the cite of Idas, And other thre of cite Ifmaras, By diuers chancis put he al to ded. Alefus hym recontris in that fled, And all the barnage com from Aurunca, 10 That auld cite ; and thame followys alflua To that melle the fon of Neptunus, That is to knaw, the worthy Mefapus, Quhilk into horfman craft was maift expert.

Now prefys this fyde, and now gonderwart, 15 To reill abak and to expell in fyght Thar aduerfaris, and mak thame tak the flycht : Thus by the coft Aufonya that tyde Hard wolx the batale apon athir fyde. Nane other wys the Troiane hoftis in feild, 30 And Latyn rowtis gokkit vnder fcheild,. Quhou Pallas confortis his oft of Archadye, Quhilkis gave the baJc and tuke purpos to fle. Bot quhen that Pallas at ane owtyr fyde Perfavyt hys Arcad anny that tyde 5 In fie a place had takyn land attanys, Quhar as a burn had warpyt rowand ftanys, And bufkis with the brays down had bet, That thai war in fa hard myfcheif ourfet, As men nocht vfyt forto go feght on fute, 10 And than, conftrenyt, knew nane other buyt, For fcharpnes of that fted, bot leif thar hors ; That wcil perfauyt he how that on fors Thai gave the bak, and fchupe to tak the flycht, The Latynys followand thame in all thar mycht : 15 Than, quhile with prayer, now with wordis fowr, Thar curage he enflambis to the ftowr, Quhilk maner havyng is fuyth, as is the creid, As vtir poynt remedy at fik a neid.

My ferys, fays he, quhidder do ge fle? With fwerdys dynt behuffis ws, perfay, 10 Throw amyddis our ennemys red owr way. Quhar gondir fop of men thikkis in a rowt, 3ondir is the paflage quhar we mofte wyn owt ; 3ondir gour noble cuntre wyl ge pas ; 3on way to wend exhortis gour duke Pallas. Behaldis, quhou the fey with obftakill gret Inclufys ws, and at our bak can bet ; On land is left ws heir na place to fle : Quhat! And firft of other, to hys fatale howr, Hym metys Lagus, a Rutilyane ; 30 Quham fyrft ourrollyt with a mekill ftane,.

For fwa ftud with the, Tymber, thou art ded, Evandrus fwerd hes fwepyt of thy hed ; 5 And thy rycht arm of fmyttyn, O Laryd, Amyd the feild lyis the befyde, And half lyfles thi fyngyrris war flerand, Within thy neif doys gryp and faik the brand. Than fchame and dolour, mydlit baith ourane. As he on cace was fleand fers as flynt From thy handis, the maift forcy Teucras, And thy brother Tyres, that by the was : 25 Ourweltis Retheus in ded thrawys atanys, And with hys helys fmayt the Rutilian planys, Tumlyt from hys hie cart chargit quhar he fat, And on the grund rebundis with a fquat.

And lyke as fum tyme in the fymmyris drowth, 30 Quhen wyndis ryfys of the north or fowth, 4 K. Bot Lawfus, wilfull hys fyde to haue favyt, As he that was a gret part of the oft, And lyft not fuffir, with fik feir na boft, Or flauchtir maid be Pallas and deray, 20 At his cumpangeis fuld caucht mair affray, Rufchit in the melle ; and firft in hys teyn Slew Abas, that gret bargane dyd fuftene. The thikaft fop or rowt of all the pres, Thar as maift tary was, or he wald ces, 25 Thys Lafus al to fparpillyt and invadys : Down bettyn war the barnage of Archadys ; Down bettyn eik war the Hethruryanys ; And ghe alfo, fell bodeis of Troianys, That war not put by Grekis to vtyrrans.

Full douchtely Pallas on the ta part Inforcis hym to greif hys fays that tyde ; Lawlus refiftis on that othir fyde. Thar agis was not far indifferent, i t And of maift femly ftatur, quhar thai went, Thai war excellent of bewte baith tway ; Bot fo it ftude, at fortoun, walloway! Wald nother fuffir to hys realm refort.

And, netheles, to meyt fammyn at fchort, 1 5 As into feild to preif thar hardyment, The governour of hevyn omnipotent Lyft na way thoill : for, belyve eftir this, To athir of thame thar dedly fatys, I wys, To ane far grettar aduerfar remanys, 20 As heir onon doys follow vnder anys. Quhou thatfers Turnus has gong PallasJlane, For quham hysfolkis makis gret dolour and mayn. Duryng this fervour of the bargane fwa, The haly nymphe, clepit Juturna,.

Thus faid he, and hys feris at command Voydit the feild, and all plane left the land. And fayand thus, amyd the plane furth ftartis : The blude congelyt abowt Archadyane hartis. Lyke as ane lyoun from the hillys hycht, Amyd the valle had fcharply gottin a fycht Of fum prowd bull, with hys horn in the plane 10 AddrefTand hym reddy to mak bargane, Cummys bradand on the beft faft in a lyng ; On ficlyke wys was Turnus tocummyng : And quhen that Pallas faw hym cum fa neir He mycht areke to hym a cafting fpeir, i.

Tho Jupiter, hys curage to aftabill, 10 Thus to hys fon fpak wordys amyabill. Tyll euery mortale wofull wight, perfay, Determyt ftandis the fixit lattir day ; Ane fchort and onrecoverabill term is fet Of lyfe, quhen all moft neydlyngis pay that det : ] 5 Bot, to prolong thar fame by nobill dedis, Fra vertuus wark that cumys and procedis. Quhou mony fonnys and deir childryn, faid he, Of goddis kyn, vnder Troy wallys hie War done to ded, and brytnyt blude and bone! Forfuyth alfo, I fay the into plane, The fynale fayt awatis Turnus in feild, The dait and methis approchis of hys eild.

And, the ilk ftownd, gong Pallas lattis fle With mekill fors at Turnus a gret fpeir, 30 And fyne onon hys brycht brand burnyft cleir. The fchaft flaw towart Turuus, and hym finait Apon the fchulder, abuf the gardis hie That ryfys vmaft tharvpon we fe, 5 And throw the bordour of the fcheild fwa perfyt, Quhill fynaly in fum deill it traverfyt, And hurt a part of Turnus byg body. Than Turnus fmyttyn, full of felony, A buftuus lance with grundyn hed ful kene, 10 That lang quhile tayfyt he in proper teyn, Leyt gyrd at Pallas, and thus wys faid he : Confider goungkeir, gyf our lands be, Bettir of tempyr and mair penytratyve.

And, with the word, the fchaft flaw furth belyvo, i i So that the fcharp poynt of the brangland fpeir Throw owt amyddis of the fcheild can fcheir, Perfand fa mony platis of irne and fteill, And fa feill plyis of bull hydis ilk deill, All fammyn cowchit in hys target ftrang, 20 The buftuus ftrake throw all hys armour thrang, That ftyntit na thing at the fyne hawbryk, Quhil throu the coft thyrlyt the dedly pryk.

Pallas, nocht fchrynkand for the mortale dynt, Invane the hait fchaft of hys wond lies hynt ; 25 For al togidder by the fammyn way The blude and fawle pafTys hyne bath tway. Apon hys wond onon he rufchis down : Abuf hym rang hys harnes with a fovn : And that onfrendly erth inimycall, 30 That in hys deth he fuld not fcryk nor call,. Turnus, abufe hym ftandand, carpys on hie : O ghe pepill of Arcaid, takis tent, And my wordis do rehers and prefent 5 To kyng Evander, fayand hym playnly, That hys fon Pallas to hym fend haue I In fik array as that he lies defervyt ; And, of my gentrys, wil he be prefervit To all eftait and honour funerall, 10 With all folace pertenyng beryall Of tumbe and of entyrment, as efferis.

Na lytill thyng, perfay, into thir weris Hes hym bycoft the frendfchip of Ene. And, fayand thus, with hys left fut lies he 15 Pallas ded corps ourwelt, or euer he ftent, And fyne abowt hys fydis fone has rent Hys goldyn gyrdill, pafand a gret deill, Quharin was gravin craftely and weill Of Danavs douchteris the iniquyte, 20 Quhou that the fyfty gong men, fchame to fe, War fowlly murthuryt on the firft nycht, As thai war fpowfyt to thar ladeis brycht ; The chalmeris portyrit war byfprent with blude : Quhilk hiftoreis Eurition, warkman gude, 25 Had carvyt weill and wrocht full craftely In weighty platis of the gold mafiy ; Of quhais fpulge now is Turnus glaid, Joyfull and blyth that he it conqueft had.

O mannis mynd, fo ignorant at all 30 Of thingis tocum and chancis quhilkis may fall! The tyme fall cum quhen Turnus fall, perfay, Hait and wary this fpulge and this day, " Defyrand he mycht by for mekill thing That he had nevir twichit Pallas gyng. And, not the les, thy fwerd leiffis in the planys Gret liepys ded of the Rutilianys. Than, as wod lyon, rufchit he in the fight, A And all quham he arekis nerreft hand Without relkew dovn mawis with his brand ; The bytand blaid abowt hym inveroum Amyd the rowtis reddis large rovm.

Enragit and inflambit thus in ire 10 Throw owt the oftis Turnus, that prowd lyre, Quhilk had this new flauchtir maid, focht he : Ay prentand in hys mynd befor hys E The gudly Pallas, was fa ftowt and gyng, And the gret gentryce of Evander kyng ; 1 5 The cheir and feft hym maid bot a ftranger ; Per ordour all thing, quhou and quhat maner He was reffauyt, and tretit thankfully; Syne of hys band of frendfchip and ally With athis fworn and interchangit handis, 20 Remembryng tho his promys and cunnandis.

Amovit in this heit, or euer he ftynt, Four gong men quyk he hes in handis hynt, That born was of the cite hecht Sulmon ; Alfmony lyne he takyn has onon 25 Bred and vpbrocht befyde the flude Vfens, Quham that he etlys forto fend from thens To Pallas lykewalkis and obfequeis, To ftrow his funeral fyre of byrnand treis, As was the gys, with blude of prefoneris, 30 Eftir the aid rytis into mortale weris.

Tyght Wayz "Roll So Tyght" (FTLD Radio Edit)

The fchaft fchakand flaw furth abufe hys hede ; And he Eneas in that famyn fted Abowt the kneis grippyt humylly, With petuus voce fyne thus begouth to cry : Be thy deir faderys goft I the befeik, i o And be that gude beleif quhilk thou has eik Of Afcanyvs vpryfyng to eftait, Thys filly fawle of myne, fa faynt and inayt, Thow falf to my a fon and fader deir. I haue a hows, rych, full of mobillis feir, i. Quhamtill Eneas anfweris thus agane : Sa mony talentis of fyne filuyr and gold, Quhilkis thou reherfand heir befor hes told, Do kepe onto thy fmall childyr and ayris ; 30 Lat thame bruke weill, I confent it be tharis.

That rewthfull harm, and that myfchews cace, 5 Felys baith Afcanyus and my faderis goft, For thai na litill thyng tharby hes loft. Thus fayand, by the helm hym grippys he With hys left hand, and faft as he mycht dre Writh down hys nek, quharin, but mair abaid, 10 Hys bludy brand vp to the hyltis flaid.

Not far thens ftude Hemonydes allane, Preft onto Phebus and the thrynfald Dyane, On quhais hed wympillit holy garlandis With thar pendentis lyke to a mytyr ftandis, 1 5 Hys habyt as the fcheyn fon lemand lycht, And all hys armour quhite and burnyft brycht ; Quham Eneas afialyt myghtyly, And gan do chays owt throw the feld in by, That fleand ftummyrryt and to grond went fone : 20 The Troiane prynce down lowtis hym abone. And with hys brand hym brytnys at devys, In maner of ane offerand facryfys.

The large fchaddow of Eneas in feild Dyd haill the ded corps of this preift ourheld. Quhat douchty chiftanys of tfie Latyn land Tliat day Eneas kyttit with hys hand.

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Ceculus, difcendit of Wlcanus blude, And Vmbro eyk, the ftalwart chiftane rude, That cum was fra the montanys Marfyane, The bargane ftuffis, relevand in agane. Thy beft belovyt mother fall the not haue To erd, as cuftum is, nor delf in grave, Na do thy bonys honour with fik cuyr As thame to lay in fadyrris fepultur ; 15 Bot falbe left to the wild beftis fuyd, Or than the fpait watir of this flude Sal bair the in the deip, and thar on raw With empty throtis fal thy banys gnaw Thir fey monftreys in thar wod rage, 20 And lape thy blude thar hungar to afiwage. Syne, but delay, Antheus and Lycas, Quhilkis that of Turnus firft ward ledaris was, Perfewys he, and alfo Numa bold, And Camerthes, brycht fchynand all of gold, 25 Son of the manly Volfcens capitan ; In all the fertill grond Aufonyane The richaft man, and kyng was this Volfcens Of Amyclys the cite of filens.

And lyke as Egeon, the kyng of gyandis, 30 Quhilk had, thai fay, ane hundreth arrays and. The felf ftound, amyd the pres fut hoyt 20 Lucagus entyris in hys chariote, With quhyte hors drawyng wonder luftely, Hys brother Lyger fittand neir hym by ; Thys Lyger led the rengeis with hys hand, Bot bald Lucagus fwakkis a burnyft brand. Sic wordis vayn and onfemly of fovnd Furth warpys wyde this Lyger fulychly : Bot the Troian barroun onabafitly Na wordis preffis to rendir hym agane, 10 Bot at hys fa leyt fle a dart or flayn, That hyt Lucagus ; quhilk, fra he felt the dynt, The fchaft hyngand into hys fcheild, but ftynt Bad dryf hys hors and char al fordwart ftrecht, As he that hym addreffit to the fecht, 15 And ftrekit furth hys left fut in hys char: Bot fone Eneas fpeir was reddy thar, Beneth hys fchynand fcheild reverfyt law, So that the grondyn hed the ilk thraw At hys left flank or leilk perfyt tyte, 20 Quhill clar owt our the charyot is he fmyte, And on the grond weltis in the ded thrawys.

Quham on this wys with fowr wordis and fawys The petuus Eneas begouth to chyd : Lucagus, faid he, forfuyth as at this tyde 25 Na fla curs of thy horflys onweldy Thy cart has rendryt to thyne ennemy, Nor git na vayn wrathys nor gaiftis quent Thi char conftrenyt bakwart forto went, And malgre thyne withdraw thi fays gryppys ; 30 Bot lo now, of thy fre will, as thou fkyppys 4M.

Thys beand faid, the horfis renys lie hynt. The tothir fey brother, or evyr he ftynt, 5 Lap fra the cart, and kneland petuufly, Vphevand hys bayr handis, thus dyd cry : O Troiane prynce, I lawly the befeik, Be thyne awyn vertues and thy thewys meyk, And be thy parentis maift of renowne, 10 That fik a child engendryt hes as the, Thow fpair this wofull fylly fawle at left, Haue rewth of me, and admyt my requeft.

With wordis feill as he thus can requer, Ene at laft on this wys maid anfwer : is Syk fawys war langer furth of thy mynd. Sterve the behuffis, les than thou war onkynd As for to leif thy broder defolait All hym allane, na follow the fam gait. And tharwithall the hyrnys of hys goft 20 He rypyt with the fwerd amyd hys coft, So tyll hys hart ftoundis the pryk of deth : He weltis our, and galdis vp the breth. Thys Dardane prynce as viftor thus in weir Sa mony douchty corpfis brocht on beir, 25 Amyd the planys reddand large gait, As doys a rowtand ryver red on fpait ; That for hys dyntis wolx hys fays agaft, As for the feirfull drumly thundris blaft.

Quhil fynaly Afcanyus the gyng page, 30 And the remanent of Troian barnage,. The ilk ftound, of hys awyn fre volunte, Jove callys Juno, and thus carpys he : 5 O -thou my fyftir german and my feir, My beft beluifyt fpows, moft leif and deir, Thyne opynyon has not diflauyt the, As thou belevyt : now may thou not fe Quhou Venus doys fufteyn and fortyfy i o The Troiane rowtis and pyffans by and by? Nane actyve handis, nor ftowt myndis, I weyn, Nor bodeys reddy all perrellys to fuftene, Haue thai, thou may fe be experiens.

Save Thread Notify Me of Replies. Join Group. Show this post spirals btw, apparently, Kenyans are 'racist' now, too: That is a very silly attempted point, pure alt-right conflation and bullshit. Is this really your level now Spirals? Show this post Considering you seem to think that all Muslims are inherently bent on attacking the Western way of life, it makes one wonder who you wouldn't justify torturing out of the Muslim population, just in case of course.

I wonder if you'd feel the same way if people of another nation felt that USA was attacking them, it has been known to happen you know! Show this post spirals I think torture when it comes to stopping attacks underway is ok And that is the ideal of Western civilisation you want to promote is it? Resorting to torture? Would it be justifiable to go to more extreme torture methods - pulling out finger nails, electrocution, rape? Who exactly defines torture in your brave new world where international laws and conventions are flouted and ignored.

And who sets the criteria for what justifies torture? This is very dangerous and distorted thinking Spirals. I suspect you may be deeper into the alt-right dark and dumb void than I thought. Show this post An interesting article. Maybe you and the jihadis aren't so dissimilar after all Spirals: "In his famous statement, Osama bin Laden talked about how the west had humiliated the Muslim world … that conservative Muslims have been humiliated by hyper-modern society and the cosmopolitan McDonaldization of the world.

For them, restoring the seventh-century caliphate is their way of reinstating traditional masculinity. If you feel entitled and you have not gotten what you expected, that is a recipe for humiliation. At least in the case of the German, Swedish and American guys that I interviewed, sometimes it is not really political at all. Many of them, especially the American guys, were sexually abused, beat up, bullied as children.

Some of them have basically the same sort of profile as the victims of the Catholic priests. That just made them better targets, and the far right drew them in. The camaraderie of the community validates their masculinity, and — even more importantly than that — gives them a sacred mission. That is really powerful for these guys.

I was abused, neglected. I seek no kinship. I bond with dogs and live a solitary life. I do not go out with friends or seek relationships. I phone old friends once in a while and email them. I have a Republican uncle on my dad's side. Show this post As usual you ignore the actual questions and just tell us about yourself.

Show this post spirals you feel like you have to explain my hidden motives away. I don't really agree with describing people as evil, damaged certainly. I don't think many happy, well-adjusted, high achieving people are drawn to far right politics. Anyway, It was just an article which tries to explain why the far or alt-right holds such appeal for certain damaged or unhappy men and also compared that with similar men and their motivations for joining terrorist groups, at least according to Bin Ladin.

I think it was pretty obvious and shouldn't really surprise anyone, the psychology and typical background of those drawn to extremism, whether far right, far left or religious is pretty well researched. Show this post spirals I was abused, neglected. But you have a brain and the capacity to see beyond this. By acknowledging that things that happened to you in your past are affecting you now, means you have the ability to see beyond these acts.

This capacity to think about what we are and do is what makes us human and not just animals. You are able to formulate arguments and think about your beliefs, so stop making excuses. Your responses have become so trivial and pointless, why bother coming on here at all? Just peculiar. RhubarbRhubarb over 2 years ago This post is hidden because you reported it for abuse. Show this post RhubarbRhubarb edited over 2 years ago Jesus. Trump is fucking hilarious. Wiretapping twitter allegations, fucked healthcare plan and the travel ban banned again. He has to be the biggest fuckup and loser ever to be in charge of a country.

Oh, and he's increasing spending on a military that already has more spent on it than the next 7 countries combined. And the extra 54 billion he is going to spend would be enough to pay for free college tuition for all. Crazy shit. I wonder if Dutch voters voted against the far right not because of political policy, but because of the ineptitude of our far right president and his administration. Show this post Trump fired over 40 U. It's an insane burden on Trump, that he put on himself.

Show this post I simply cannot understand how everybody failed to see Trumps presidency coming. In fact the only people I know of who called it was an acquaintance and Katie Hopkins. That's it. Every political commentator, journalist and broadcaster got it wrong. Instead of endlessly banging on about Trump you all should attack the voters as they were too thick to realise what they were doing. America has a long line of mongos in high office so it makes it even more puzzling how nobody saw it coming.

You'll probably have Kanye at some point too - after Trump perhaps Still, I'm lapping it all up. Wilders was never going to win, no so with Le Pen - she has a very good chance. Show this post nizbit Wilders was never going to win, no so with Le Pen - she has a very good chance.

Was watching some commentary or other on TV the other day and made me realise. At least part of the reason for the rise of right wing politics is the failure and ineptitude of the other side s. In the UK, the pro-Europe politicians failed miserably to promote the positive aspects of being in the EU, yet they were by far the majority and the Brexit side had only a few known faces, led by Facade, oops, Farage.

In the US, the Democrats chose a person that the country hated. I am sure they would have won with a different candidate. The Republican candidates in the nomination race were all similar apart from Trump, yet they refused to stand aside and instead squabbled amongst themselves. In Holland, people had someone they saw as reasonable to vote for, so rejected Wilder.


The Middle Ages (700–1550)

Still no sign of Socilism though. Austria only voted sensibly by a tiny margin only after a second election due to them not really liking Van De Bellen but liking the Freedom Party even less. In France the opposition to Le Pen seems feeble or stained. We wait with trepidation for the result. Hopefully in Germany the AFD will not continue to gain lots of ground.

I think people are fed up with Merkel but there seems little alternative. Scary as the last two WW have been due to Germany. Show this post I think the world's flirtation with right-wing populist politics will turn sour very quickly. The fact is, right-wing populist 'solutions' to problems rarely work as they are either stupidly simplistic or smokescreens for something else.

So much hope was invested in Trump. Because he was not only able to convince enough stupid angry people he would 'make America great again', despite the fact anyone with half a brain could see he wouldn't and couldn't with the policies he had, but it also pissed off the establishment elites. Some people saw that as almost more important than having good policies that would benefit people. But the stupid angry people who genuinely saw Trump as the solution will very rapidly turn on him when everything he touches continues to turn to shit and their lives steadily get worse.

That will influence people's thinking across the globe and there is evidence already that it is. The 'left' isn't much better and not presenting an alternative. Clinton was dreadful and had Sanders been given the chance, he would have won. Yet they don't appear to have learned anything from the election and are still pushing corporate careerist politicians with no real message or vision on how things could be different. The left in the UK is in just as big a mess for different reasons. Show this post A Short History of the Trump Family Sidney Blumenthal The most enduring blight left behind by Donald Trump, long after he has smashed things up, will be the pile of books devoted to trying to make sense of him.

It will grow after investigative journalists have spent years diving for hidden records, exploring subterranean corporations and foreign partners but never reaching the dark ocean bottom. It will continue after political scientists have trekked through mountain ranges of survey data seeking the precise source of his magnetic attraction for the aggrieved white lower-middle and working classes.

It will outlast the pundits holding forth on TV, collecting lecture fees and cranking out bestsellers that retail inside dope gleaned, single-sourced and second-hand, from somewhere near the elevators of Trump Tower. Reckoning with Trump means descending into the place that made him. The notion of a Trump literature begins, appropriately, with an imaginary novel, Casinos of the Third Reich, contrived by Kurt Andersen, an editor at Spy, a New York magazine of the s and s.

Over several months in late and early , Andersen kept referring to the non-existent Casinos of the Third Reich and its implausible protagonist, Donald Trump, whose narcissistic exhibitionism offered a never-ending source of unintentional self-satire. Trump did all the work. In search of fame and greater fortune in the big city, he set out from the family mansion with its 23 rooms, nine bathrooms and, at the front, four white columns adorned with a confected family crest.

A Cadillac and a Rolls-Royce were parked in the driveway, guarded by two cast-iron jockeys. Even in Queens, it was a world apart. New Yorkers hardly have a bias against aspiring newcomers. The musical Hamilton exalts a classic New York story of a brilliant young immigrant rising in a mercantile culture. Trump wished to be more than accepted in Manhattan: he wanted to be adored, there and only there, and came to despise it in all its diversity and cacophony when time and again he was rejected. The uncontrollable anger that unleashes a regular flood of insults derives from his profound feeling that he has been, is being and will be diminished.

In a constant state of alert and hurt, he victimises others because he burns with the feeling that he is the true victim. Portraying himself as the innocent party he lashes out, a narcissistic reflex but also a tactic he learned from Roy Cohn. Resentment born of entitlement, of the feeling that he was being treated as an inferior though he knew he was superior, was an inadvertent and inverse link with the lower-middle-class whites who fled Queens and Brooklyn in the s and s for the Long Island suburbs to escape black migration.

Fred Trump was arrested for participating in a violent Ku Klux Klan rally in ; he had Mob ties and flagrantly discriminated against blacks when renting out housing. From the Bronx to the Battery, opinion on Trump set as hard as the cement on his construction sites and as fast as he had ordered underpaid Polish immigrant construction workers in to jackhammer the Art Deco friezes on the Fifth Avenue Bonwit Teller building to make way for his tribute to himself, Trump Tower, a slab of banality which resembles an elongated flat-screen TV.

Do you think blowing up the sculptures has hurt me? Who cares? They would have just put them in their basement. Do you think, if I failed, these guys in New York would be unhappy? They would be thrilled! Because they have never tried anything on the scale that I am trying things in this city. The US Labor Department filed suit against him, a federal judge found him guilty of fraud, noting that his testimony was not credible, and eventually he paid a fine in a sealed agreement.

Now his grandiose Trump Shuttle airline crashed and burned. He lost his crown jewel, the Plaza Hotel. He declared bankruptcy four times in order to stiff his contractors and workers. Every financial house in the city spurned his plea to extend his loans. Rather than acceding to his childish demands after meetings at which he brandished newspaper clippings about his antics instead of financial papers, the banks put the profligate Trump on an allowance like an irresponsible adolescent.


He had to sell virtually everything, including his yacht, the Trump Princess, which he had purchased from the shadowy Saudi arms trader Adnan Khashoggi. Trump threatened to sue a journalist at the Wall Street Journal for accurately reporting his collapse, one of his many attempts to intimidate the press, and another technique he learned from Roy Cohn.

The illustration depicted him as a wailing toddler. Trump never fitted the mythology of rugged individualism he mimicked and tried to sell as intrinsic to his brand. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he insists that he has pulled himself up by his bootstraps. A straight loan would have put Fred Trump in the lengthy queue of creditors. With his loan in the form of chips he could redeem it as soon as his son had the capital. The New Jersey Casino Control Commission ruled a year later that Fred Trump had engaged in an illegal loan and that Donald should return it, which would have forced him into instant bankruptcy.

But Trump evaded the fate Spy had foreseen for him. His salvation was a double play of a con. The glitzier the gigantic bronze block capitals of his name staring down Fifth Avenue and across Central Park, the more secure New Yorkers felt in their contempt. Trump Hotel was strictly for out-of-towners seeking to be sprinkled with ersatz gold dust. From to , he played on TV the persona that he intended Manhattan to worship. In every episode he acted out dramas of control over submissive contestants seeking his favour, wilting at his denial of it and fawning at his approval.

Under Trump, winning was the road to serfdom. In , he lost 87 per cent of the vote in Manhattan, and most of those who voted for him probably did so with distaste, casting their loyal Republican votes for a man who for most of his life donated money to Democratic candidates in a Democratic city. Trump also lost in Queens, carrying only 22 per cent of the vote; in Brooklyn, he won less than 20 per cent; and in the Bronx, about 10 per cent.

Way down, big trouble, dead! Graydon Carter, no talent, will be out! Once again, Trump had foolishly exposed his thin skin. Winning the presidency was never a deep desire, more a branding scheme that spun out of control, but Trump has tried to turn his victory into a means to compel New Yorkers finally to genuflect. Washington had never held the slightest allure for him — until now when it is leverage over New York.

Even so, Washington is strictly Palookaville, a nowhere town for grown-up student council presidents. After his nomination for president, Trump talked about his fondest wish: winning New York State. Unfortunately for him, New Yorkers did know him. But earlier in the campaign he had expressed another wish. Nothing he said during the campaign more succinctly reflected his furious and damaged narcissism than his dream of committing cold-blooded murder and getting away with it.

His statement expressed three unconscious desires at once: striking back at New Yorkers; breaking the rules without consequence; and gaining adulation from the fans for whom he can do no wrong. His reverent followers took his omnipotent image from his reality show as the reality and his anger as something felt on their behalf. He knew he had to cross the Hudson to find true believers, but the further into Duck Dynasty territory he ventured the more it felt like banishment to Queens. In winning he had not won. The real public has always liked Donald Trump. The real public feels that Donald Trump is going through Trump-bashing.

When I go out now, forget about it. It shows people that you can be successful. It can show you a way of life. Trump wanted his pretences to be accepted at face value as signs of his authenticity, his ostentation as accountability in lieu of tax returns. His recklessness was intended to engender deference, his disorder belief in his power to impose order.

His style has been unfailingly kitsch. Both were bought with funds from the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Another portrait of himself in a golden glow as a young man in a tennis sweater hangs at his Mar-a-Lago mansion. He entitled it The Visionary. Warhol met the already famous Trump on 22 February at a birthday party for Roy Cohn. The two men met on 5 August at the Factory, where Trump delivered his judgment to the artist. He ended up like the other stiffed contractors. They ran into each other once more on 26 February at another Roy Cohn birthday party. Tell them it is going to be a million square feet, 68 storeys.

During the campaign he suggested he was an architectural genius. That book relates to … everything. Barnum, the showman and circus operator of the 19th century who was the son of a storekeeper. The hackneyed comparison is demeaning to Barnum. He was witty; Mark Twain was an admirer. He was also a philanthropist, the founder of the Bridgeport Hospital, and an educator, helping to found and fund Tufts University. Both as a member of the Connecticut state legislature and as mayor of Bridgeport, he was responsible for a host of civic reforms and improvements.

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Hey, I made it myself; I have a right to do what I want with it. The rapacious spirit of his formative Manhattan period — the world of The Bonfire of the Vanities, with its scandal-driven media, unscrupulous race hustlers and politically ambitious district attorneys — is still with him. But he also still lives in the shadow of the fictional character who became the symbol of the Roaring Twenties. He has willed himself into being. Gatsby is actually Jay Gatz, a poor boy from the plains, in romantic pursuit of Daisy Buchanan, the upper-class object of his desire, who once rejected him.

He believes he can win her back through displays of wealth and manners, but she is now married to Tom Buchanan, an upper-class boor. Gatsby was careful to maintain the air of the gentleman he wished to be taken for. Trump is Tom Buchanan farcically playing Gatsby. Gatsby might have appreciated the audacity, but would have avoided the shabbiness. Both Gatsby and Trump, however, are characters enthralled by the possibility of recapturing the past and reshaping it as they imagine it should have been.

What Gatsby and Trump also have in common are gangsters. There was John Cody, the boss of Teamsters Local , who controlled the cement trucks and was an associate of the Gambino family. And so on. In his defence it was said that doing business with the Mob was inescapable in New York, but the truth is that there were prominent developers who crusaded against the sorts of arrangement that Trump routinely made.

She left her art to the Hillwood Museum, which had been her Washington DC residence, the diamond earrings that had belonged to Marie Antoinette and other pieces of jewellery to the Smithsonian Institution, and Mar-a-Lago to the US government to serve as a winter White House. Trump snapped it up in when the government put the unused but costly property on the market.

After getting involved in New York bars and clubs and the used-car business, Cinque got a new racket. Called the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, it reportedly bestows Star Diamond awards on hotels and restaurants that pay its entry fee and annual charge. Half the trustees are Trump employees, including the general manager of his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club, the vice-president of his Mar-a-Lago resort, and his butler.

The Star Diamond website lists 19 Trump properties that receive its imprimatur. The founding father of what became the Trump Organisation, Frederick Trump, a German immigrant who changed his name from Drumpf, left a substantial legacy of New York real estate and investments that had originated in brothels and bars in the Yukon and the Pacific Northwest.

When he died, his son Fred, then 15 years old, assumed his mantle under the stewardship of his mother. His housing business flourished from the s until the early s thanks to his close partnerships with the Brooklyn Democratic Party machine and a steady flow of loans from the Federal Housing Authority. In , he was subpoenaed to appear before the Senate Banking Committee, where he was questioned about profit windfalls and inflated costs. From then on he would receive no FHA loans — which is the reason the Trump Village on Coney Island, among other projects, was greased by his Brooklyn political connections.

Fred Trump appeared to be grooming Fred Jr to take over his business. But he was a harsh and exigent father and lost patience with his eldest son. He literally flew away. After extended litigation, a settlement was reached. People are too trusting.